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About Les Hôtels JARO

The company “The Real Estate Jacques Robitaille Inc.” was founded and incorporated in the early 70s by Mr. Jacques Robitaille. In the beginning, the company specialized in estate purchase and management of residential apartment buildings located primarily in Charlesbourg, a suburb of Quebec City.

In 1976, the company makes the first steps in the hotel business by proceeding with the acquisition of Quebec Inn motel, located on Hamel Boulevard, Sainte-Foy. The facility of thirty rooms built in 1967 will undergo several expansions during the first part of the 1980s.

In 1984, Jacques Robitaille was conducting an investment in fast food with the opening of a restaurant Harvey’s located on Hamel Boulevard, Ancienne-Lorette. This facility provides employment to about 45 people.

At the end of 1986 beginning of 1987, they proceed to the execution of an investment project of over $ 6 500 000 which allowed the Hotel Quebec Inn to become the engine of the North-West axis region of Quebec.

Also, during 1987 “The Real Estate Jacques Robitaille Inc.” leaves the field of residential real estate to devote itself exclusively to the hotel sector with the acquisition, in April 1987, of the Hotel Quebec, formerly known as the Quality Inn Hotel, located on Laurier Boulevard, Sainte Foy, near the exit of the bridges of Quebec and Pierre Laporte. Located at the western entrance of the city, close to other hotel centers in Sainte-Foy, makes Hotel Quebec a prime site for delegates, exhibitors, weddings, tourists and travelers.

In March 1990 “The Real Estate Jacques Robitaille Inc.” acquires the Auberge Sainte-Foy, formerly known under the name of the Ramada Inn, located about 200 meters east of Quebec City Hotel, corner of Lavigerie and Laurier Boulevard.

At this time, the three facilities in the group of “The Real Estate Jacques Robitaille Inc.” have over 425 rooms and ancillary services in the area of Sainte-Foy.
From mid 1991 until May 1992, the Quebec Hotel gets a makeover by a major overhaul of its installations at a cost of about $ 6 000 000. A new exterior of the building, rooms, banquet and conference rooms, as well as the catering section and the common areas are undergoing major transformations. The equipment and furnishings have all been replaced and upgraded giving the hotel at the cutting edge of comfort and technology.

In September 1992, Mr. Jacques Robitaille acquires the legendary restaurant Le Deauville at the intersection of Laurier Boulevard and Lavigerie in Sainte-Foy. Finally Mr. Robitaille sells the restaurant in October 1993.

In the spring of 1993, it's the turn of the Auberge Sainte-Foy, now named Auberge Sir Wilfrid, to undergo major renovations at a cost of $ 1 200 000. All rooms, common areas, lobby, meeting rooms and the exterior of the building are renovated. The front section of the hotel is completely modified to give it a more modern architecture, adapted to the customers.

In May 1993, Mr. Jacques Robitaille acquires the Hotel Universal Plaza at the intersection of Laurier Boulevard and Lavigerie in Ste-Foy. A luxurious hotel with modern architecture style matched with Victorian charm satisfying the most discerning travellers. However, it is in early November of that year, Mr. Robitaille takes over the restaurant at the hotel, which was previously operated by a concessionaire. During 1997 and 1998 the interior of the Hotel Plaza is transformed by the expansion of the atrium with tropical plants, adding balconies to interior rooms, and two basilaires, one giving the access from the Great Hall of the hotel, and the other which could serve sumptuous conference rooms PLAZA 1 and PLAZA 2. All the rooms, furnishings, decoration, and all common areas have been rebuilt and refitted. Rooms have been specially designed and adapted for people with reduced mobility. Outside, the front of the hotel Plaza Quebec has been completely redesigned, confirming the castle look reflecting the inner beauty of the Victorian era.  In 1999, all rooms and meeting rooms of the hotel are redone and decorated with elegance and prestige, including the magnificent ballroom which has been fully arranged to accommodate a larger number of guests while offering comfort and design worthy of kings.

In 1997, Mr. Robitaille acquired the church and building Patro St-Vincent de Paul located near the Côte D’Abraham Street, near the square D'Youville, in order to transform them into a hotel. This project, however, will be delayed by the Ilôt d’Aguillon, now better known under the name hotel Palace Royal, despite that all plans were almost completed at this time.

Finally, in 1997 the project of the hotel Palace Royal begins with the acquisition of the property owned by Mr Jean Pierre Cadorette who operated the restaurant A&W. In January 1998, new acquisitions are made with Mrs. Joan Raymond’s buildings, which operated the tobacconist, intersection Saint-Jean Street and Youville Square, and the buildings of the company Richard Lacroix Investments Inc. operating businesses Bath Sauna and bar Le Carré overlooking the Aiguillon Street. To complete the consolidation of land required for this project, in May 1999 the last ground to Highway Dufferin will be acquired from the Ministry of Transportation.

In 2000, another hotel joined the company, hotel Lindbergh was bought.  This property located on Laurier Boulevard, next to the shopping centers, the CHUL hospital and the Laval University is a perfect destination for business travellers looking for a hotel that offers a peaceful and quiet environment, in a decor that recalls the exploits and the highlights of the life of the aviator, Charles Lindbergh.

A few years past before another hotel project was raised by Mr. Robitaille.  In 2008-2009, hotel MUST, a brand new hotel was built in l’Ancienne-Lorette, just about 2 miles from Jean-Lesage Airport, at the corner of Hamel Boulevard and Boulevard de l’Aéroport.  The bedrooms in this hotel were designed to be the utmost practical for many types of clientele such as families, business travelers, sport teams and so on.  Space-making Murphy beds were installed in most of the bedrooms to give the most living space to the guest. The simplicity and warmth of the urban decor pleases everyone.  For this property, the indoor pool and a nice terrace were built on the rooftop of the hotel, at the 7th floor.  A wonderful view of Quebec awaits the clients at this level.

In order to consolidate the corporate image of all these facilities, the identification “LES HÔTELS JARO” with the new logo will now be advertised with a single phone number for reservations for all the establishments, that is: 1-800-567-5276. All facilities provide employment to about 750 people on an annual basis.

What makes the chain of Les Hôtels JARO exceptional is the warmth with which the staff welcomes the clients and places great importance on personal attention to each of them. Everything is implemented to meet the needs of most demanding customers, while customizing the offered services. In addition, all of its facilities are constantly maintained in a continuous process of modernization in order to offer a product of distinction and quality.

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