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Visitor reviews and photos

Review's date: February 12, 2008
Visitor coming from: Ballantrae, ON, Canada
Reason of the trip: : Graduation
Trip's date: February 1, 2008

Amazing and FUN

On February 5th, 2008, the grades 8s departed from the school and were on their way to Quebec City. The bus ride was long but gave us time to talk to our friends. I personally got to bond with some of the grade 8s that I don?t see often at school or have the chance to talk to. We arrived in Quebec City at about 5pm and we went to our hotel. The hotel rooms were really nice and the pool/playground was amazing.
In Quebec, we got to enjoy delicious meals at various restaurants. The friendly servers make you want to stay forever. I loved Quebec so much that I would move there in a heartbeat. The beautiful architecture looked as though it was out of a fairytale and the cobblestone roads were covered in a light blanket of snow and the smell of French cuisine was in the air.
Some of the activities we did in Quebec we did were dog sledding, swimming, skating, circus school and walks through the upper and lower town. With our great tour guide Mauricio, we learned more about Quebec than we could from a book. The ice hotel that we went to was amazing. There are only two in the world! We enjoyed a nice dance with another school and we got to roll maple syrup onto a stick?yum! The graduation trip was the best part of this year and I wish we could have stayed for more than
a month! Unfortunately we were only able to stay for 3 nights.
On the trip, at our first dinner, we forgot Kelvin at the hotel! I felt bad that Kelvin was all alone on our first nice but now I can look back and laugh?hopefully Kelvin can too! We picked him up in the coach and we went off to dinner!
I wish the trip never ended! Quebec was full of nice people and smiling faces. There was good shopping and many activities to do! I wish we turned around and went back!

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