The Fascinating Continental Breakfast

Convenient and fast, the continental breakfast is offered by several hotels. What is its origin?

Continental Breakfast at JARO Hotels in Quebec City

What is it?

Unlike the American or English breakfast, the continental breakfast is lighter and involves almost no salty food. Often served as a small buffet, it usually contains:

  • Fruits
  • Breakfast cereals, bread, pastries and/or muffins
  • Coffee, juice, tea and other beverages

Simply pick a plate and help yourself.

Hotel Lindbergh, Hotel Must and Auberge Québec became green. Cups and plates are biodegradable, dairy and cereal products are served in bulk and they have a no-Styrofoam policy: everything to help Mother Nature. Why not follow their example and choose the green option when possible?

Its Origin

The expression “continental breakfast” was popularized in the United States in the 19th century. American hotel owners had already been offering this type of light and quick breakfast for some time, but the new term began to be used to attract and satisfy Europe’s distinguished clientele.

…And Today?

Today, hotels still offer continental breakfast since it is simple and economic for guests.

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