Discover Québec City Like a Local: coffeehouses

Whether it’s for enjoying a coffee, a tea or a hot chocolate, coffeehouses are places that bring people together and where it’s pleasant to wander. Alone or with friends, we forget the coldness of winter during hours by letting our beverage warm up our body and soul. There are tens of small coffeehouses in Québec City that are worth a visit if you know where to look!


Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur | 849 rue Saint-Joseph Est

The Saint-Henri micro-torréfacteur, located in Saint-Roch district, in Lower Town, offers a delicate and freshly roasted coffee in a sleek and contemporary décor. What differentiates the Saint-Henri from other coffeehouses is the handmade donuts, little works of art, which you can buy on the spot. It’s also possible to buy bags of very high-quality espresso coffee to bring back some of this exquisite beverage home.

Ma Station Café | 161 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest

Ma Station Café is a warm and friendly place where the locals from Saint-Sauveur gather together to drink a good coffee or savour a giant waffle for brunch! Its European charm and the expertise and kindness of its staff make you want to stay there for hours!


Maelstrom | 181 rue Saint-Vallier Est

The Maelstrom is very popular among the young adults of the area: it’s a trendy spot where it’s possible to savour a coffee as well as a cocktail while enjoying the lively ambiance! The specialty of the house: cold brew coffee, sold in small bottles, concentrate or ready to drink.

Café La Maison Smith | 1141 rue Saint-Jean, 9 rue des Jardins, 23 rue Notre Dame, 8700 chemin Royal


With 4 locations in Québec City, La Maison Smith is a real institution! Three of them are situated in the heart of Old Québec, so it’s the ideal place to warm up after a long winter day of discovering tourist districts. The 4th is located on chemin Royal, in île d’Orléans, a picturesque area on the outskirts of the city that is worth the visit. La Maison Smith is a sure bet where you can enjoy coffee and high-quality sandwiches in a warm and friendly décor.

Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats | 307 rue Saint-Paul

If you want to try something a little bit different, the Café Félin Ma Langue Aux Chats is the place you need … except if you’re allergic to cats! This coffeehouse located near Gare du Palais offers you an immersive experience: you can drink a good coffee and eat a snack while you’re surrounded by cats that purr, play, sleep and beg for your affection! A nice experience to try for every cat lover.

Cantook Micro Torréfaction | 575 rue Saint-Jean

Located on the very popular rue Saint-Jean, outside the ramparts, this coffeehouse offers homemade espresso drinks with coffee roasted on the spot. The store also sells specialized accessories for coffee enthusiasts. The décor made of wood and stones is very welcoming! However, there are not many places to sit, so it’s better to go there outside peak hours or take the coffee to go!

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