Ginger Unveils its New Image

JARO's graphic design and marketing teams have just unveiled the new image and website makeover for Ginger Resto-Bar.


Featuring a glamorous, electrifying and seductive ambiance, Ginger’s distinctive signature reflects her experience, elegance and culinary know-how. To that end, the signature is outlined in gold, red and black, evoking a sense of luxury and chic. To further enhance the signature, the letter G is deliberately overstated so as to allow it to be used on its own while striving to achieve an engaging and distinctive visual impact. “The creative process was collaborative and well thought out, resulting in a timeless design that reflects the image of the restaurant,” says Mélissa Larouche, artistic director.

Graceful Ginger boasts an impressive variety of dishes, a generous selection of over 100 cocktails and a wide choice of wines. This is precisely why the Resto-Bar is so popular with ladies looking to enjoy a successful happy hour.

Its muffled and subdued atmosphere, enhanced by a musical program of various artists, is sure to hold your interest throughout your experience. That same warmth is so well reflected on the new website. ” A simple and intuitive user experience was our goal,” adds Véronique Saras, Marketing Director.

Let the seductive Ginger’s seductive charm tempt you, not only through her enticing features, but also through the impeccable service of her dedicated staff. Ginger will satisfy your every whim, be it with friends, colleagues, or a couple, and tantalize your taste buds.

For an even more successful evening, remember that the Resto-Bar is located directly at Hotel Plaza Québec.

Published on November 24, 2022

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