Ginger Restaurant, at home!

Did you know that Ginger Restaurant now offers gourmet boxes so you can enjoy their signature dishes at home? Turn into a chef in a flash as you prepare one of their mouth-watering meals in the comfort of your own home.

Ginger Restaurant

What is a Ginger Gourmet Box?

Ginger’s gourmet boxes are the perfect way to enjoy a delicious table d’hôte meal with your loved ones or family while staying at home. Ginger Restaurant offers you three delicious meal options: salmon teriyaki, duck leg confit or filet mignon. Besides the main meal, a gourmet ready-to-cook box includes a homemade soup of the day and a dessert chosen by the Chef. The main meal is preserved sous vide.

The gourmet boxes are available directly at the restaurant. Simply order them at least three hours beforehand and pick them up at the restaurant after 5 PM. You may enjoy your meals the same evening or the next day by keeping them in a refrigerator. If you wish to treat yourself later, you can freeze the gourmet boxes.

Nothing could be easier!

A detailed instruction sheet accompanies each ready-to-eat meal to assist you in preparing your meals effortlessly. As David Charron, Ginger’s Restaurant Manager, would tell you, “Even a child could follow the instructions and take care of preparing one of our ready-to-eat meals! “. Depending on the chosen meal, the only thing left to do is to cook your meat.

Same great freshness as in the dining room

When you order our gourmet ready-to-eat boxes, you can rest assured that the food will be as fresh as if you were enjoying your meal in our dining room. Our ready-to-eat meals are prepared with the same attention to detail and the same quality ingredients served to our guests on site. The meals taste just as delicious no matter where you eat them.

What to drink?

Alcohol can also be ordered to complement your gourmet boxes. The Ginger restaurant offers many microbrewery beers, as well as wine. Their private import of organic white or red wine, Altopiano, is one of the tempting options to make your meal for two perfect.

Why choose this alternative?

Well, because the Ginger’s gourmet boxes are so easy and simple to prepare. In 15 minutes, a delicious meal will grace the table, making you feel just like you’re in the restaurant. In times of pandemic, the boxes are a great way to break the routine. While you’re waiting for Ginger Restaurant’s dining room to open, why not try a tasty gourmet box at home?

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