Have you heard about the advantages of working for JARO Hotels?

JARO Hotels is a large and beautiful family where the well-being of our employees is taken to heart. Thanks to our dedicated employees, we have proudly maintained our operations throughout the last few years, despite the pandemic.

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JARO Hotels offers working conditions that are conducive to the development of each employee, as well as numerous benefits to support the good work of its employees. Do you know what they are?

The advantages of working for JARO Hotels

  • Employees enjoy discounts on accommodation at JARO Hotels, not only for themselves but also for their families. The employee rate for a room is $69 per night in all of our hotels with the exception of Hotel Plaza Québec, where the rate is $79 per night for a room and $89 for a suite.
  • People working at JARO Hotels can have fun at the Centre d’amusement Carie Factory and enjoy a 30% discount on admission, packages and children’s parties.
  • Employees also get discounts at some of the fitness centers. At Maxi-Fitness, they have the chance to have a free thirty minute consultation with a private trainer and a one week pass.
  • A 10% discount is offered at Yoga Fitness as well as an $80 discount on the membership at Énergie Cardio.
  • At Nautilus Plus, a special rate is offered to JARO Hotels employees for a $75 savings.
  • At La Source Health Center, located at the Hôtel Québec Inn, the JARO Hotels team can enjoy a 20% discount on packages, gift certificates and product purchases. Furthermore, there is a 25% discount on treatments and a 50% discount on a regular membership to Club Action Gym.
  • JARO Hotels also offers discounts and exclusive offers on Strom Spa Nordique services and products to all its employees.
  • JARO Hotels gives all its employees access to the L’abonne BUS travailleur program. This program gives a 35% discount on monthly passes, one month of unlimited FLEX passes at Communauto, free transportation with the STM after 12 months of subscription and the Metropolitan Package.
  • At Gestock, employees receive a 15% discount on everything in store.

We provide all of these benefits in addition to those not listed: uniform, free coffee, full group insurance, group RRSP, recognition program, meal benefits and many others (depending on the type of position).

Ultimately, the support and benefits offered to employees are definitely part of the reasons why JARO Hotels is considered an employer of choice. If you wish to work in a dynamic and enriching environment and enjoy multiple benefits, come join the JARO family:

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