Learn more about Les Palmes team: Christophe Bordeaux

Did you know that Les Palmes restaurant is located in the first property acquired by JARO Hotels, the Hotel Québec Inn? In this article, you will learn more about a key member of the team: Christophe Bordeaux. As the restaurant manager, he certainly contributes to offering a unique experience to our guests.

Christophe Bordeaux

Christophe Bordeaux, Restaurant Manager

Thanks to his strong experience in the restaurant industry, Christophe was hired as the manager of Les Palmes restaurant 17 years ago. Passionate and hardworking, he still holds this position today.

Why move to Quebec?

Born in France, Christophe has been living in Quebec since 1999 for business reasons. Although he initially wanted to own his own pastry shop, life led him to gain experience in the restaurant business in Quebec City.

His role and tasks

Christophe’s role consists mainly of managing the staff and ensuring the well-being of the customers. He must also supervise the proper functioning of the dining room, kitchen and bar. The overall customer experience is key to Christophe’s job and making sure the customer is satisfied is one of his priorities. Occasionally, Christophe also trains new employees.
Despite his title, Christophe has held several positions within the restaurant, such as waiter or host, to help out when needed. That’s why he is familiar with everyone’s tasks.

What he likes about Les Palmes

Christophe enjoys the interaction with the customers and the fact that his job is never a routine. He describes Les Palmes as a very friendly restaurant with very loyal customers.

Discussions with customers are very important to him. This allows him to learn more about his clientele in order to better meet their needs. A fun fact: he recently met some Europeans visiting the restaurant. Christophe loves getting to know his customers, no matter what their nationality is!

Christophe also appreciates his team, which he describes as close-knit. Some of the waiters have even been working at the restaurant for 30 years.

Does he like Québécois gastronomy?

Of course he does! Since his arrival in Quebec, he has witnessed the evolution of the quality of charcuterie, bread and cheese. These foods, reminding him of his native country, are among his little Quebecois delights. His favorite dish at Les Palmes? The delicious and popular prime rib.

Unforgettable memories

A few years ago, before it shut down, L’Infraction Nightclub at the Hotel Québec Inn was very popular and always packed with young people ready to party. Christophe witnessed many memorable scenes at this nightclub. He remembers that the bar was a festive place where everyone gathered to have fun.

Interesting fact

The restaurant Les Palmes has about 850 bottles of wine. It is possible to find a wide variety of privately imported wines. Often suggesting these wines to customers, Christophe mentions that they are often curious and willing to try new products.

Published on May, 11 2022

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