Learn more about Les Palmes team: Martin Tremblay

We are excited to introduce you to Martin, Chef of the Hotel Québec Inn restaurant. This short article will introduce you to an employee whose contribution to the kitchen team is essential to the smooth running of the restaurant.

Martin Tremblay

Chef Martin Tremblay

Having joined the Les Palmes team in 2018, Martin still holds the position of executive chef. A native of Quebec City, he took his first steps in the restaurant business at the age of 16 as a cook. Martin is a true enthusiast: he does not consider his work as an assignment. He describes himself as being very transparent with his colleagues and attentive to them. He believes that a good working atmosphere is essential. His strengths are planning, adaptability and open-mindedness. His top priority is to make sure his employees feel comfortable at work.

His role and tasks

One of the chef’s main tasks is to create a tasty menu offering tropical and festive cuisine. Martin is responsible for updating the menu in order to regularly offer new dishes to the clientele. Also, according to him, the role of the chef is to bring his team to surpass themselves by providing positive reinforcement. He must ensure that the work atmosphere is healthy and friendly.

A typical day for the chef/em>

The chef greatly appreciates the quietness of the morning. That’s why he often starts his day around 6:30 AM, after greeting all his colleagues. His priority is to make sure everyone is ready, motivated and excited for their shift. Martin also has to make sure that no ingredients are missing and that nothing is out of place. In addition to cooking, stocking and training, Martin often helps his colleagues to feel comfortable with the tasks required. He considers himself to be a great teacher and loves to share his passion for cooking.

What he likes about Les Palmes

Among the many aspects he likes about the restaurant, Martin particularly appreciates the fact that the routine never sets in and the flexibility of the schedule. In his eyes, the teams, both in the restaurant and in the hotel, are made up of exemplary and enthusiastic employees. That’s why busy periods are kept under control: everyone performs at their best. Nothing like smiling colleagues to start the day off right!

How would he describe the gastronomy at Les Palmes?

According to Martin, the menu is constantly evolving and offers great value for money. Most of the dishes are in high demand, both the snacks and the delicious meats (tartares, grills, etc.).

Aiming to introduce different flavors from around the world, the chef would like to add to the menu typical dishes from the Caribbean or even Korea. After all, his objective is to introduce new dishes to his customers!

His favorite dishes from the restaurant

Martin really likes all the seafood dishes: pasta, pizza or even the walleye filet. He also likes to cook beef cheek. Its excellent taste makes it a very popular dish at Les Palmes. Regarding its cooking, the beef cheek must be braised for 13 hours. This is why it is important to plan its preparation well in advance.

What makes Martin most proud?

Nothing compares to the loyal and long-time employees who work for Les Palmes and who braved the storm of the pandemic. Martin feels fortunate that he hasn’t had to deal with a reality that has been present in recent years: staff turnover. Each of his employees stands out for their broad experience, their loyalty and their thirst for challenge. Close to his team, Martin is always ready to lend an ear when a member is not feeling well. This is why he is always attentive to the needs of his team and does not hesitate to congratulate them on their successes.

Funny anecdote

One of the most memorable moments in the restaurant happened a few years ago. One Sunday morning on Mother’s Day, the team had prepared a generous buffet for the customers. Unfortunately, one of the tables holding several dishes fell over. Luckily, this incident did not discourage the team! They immediately set about cleaning up the damage and restoring the table to its original state. This proved to Martin the solidarity and excellent teamwork of his colleagues.

Published on May, 03 2022

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