Meet the Ginger team: Chef Amado

Chef Amado Grimaldo of Ginger Restaurant is a key member of the kitchen team at Hotel Plaza Québec. Learn more about him in this short article.

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Chef Amado Grimaldo

Having been an executive chef for a few years now, Amado Grimaldo began his career as an assistant cook before becoming a chef. In 2003, he became the first cook before being promoted to sous chef. After leaving the company, he returned to the fold a few years later as chef at Ginger.

A touch of his native country on the menu!

As a native of Mexico, Amado would like to be able to serve typical Mexican dishes at the Ginger. For now, it’s through the Mardi Découverte promotion that we’re allowed to taste his delicious tacos!

Why settle in Quebec?

The chef says he fell in love with Quebec while on vacation in the Belle Province. Wishing to learn the French language and to live in the Francophonie, he decided to settle in Quebec.

To learn more about the chef

Does he like Quebec gastronomy? Well, the answer is YES! He particularly appreciates traditional cuisine, including the tourtière of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the famous pig’s feet stew. Strangely enough, he does not like poutine. Despite the fact that Amado has lived in Quebec for many years, this typical Quebec dish has never charmed his palate.

In addition to being present in the kitchen, where he prepares tasty dishes, Chef Amado can often be found chatting with customers. He especially enjoys meeting Spanish-speaking guests and is happy to help Spanish-speaking tourists by acting as a translator. Chef Amado speaks both French and Spanish in the kitchen and in the dining room.

According to him, being a chef is about quick thinking and execution. Managing and overcoming the unexpected calmly is the key to the success of the Ginger’s kitchen team.

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