Quebec City and its Incredible Hiking Spots

Quebec City and its surroundings have put on their autumn gown. You are a hiking lover and wish to discover new trails and paths? Here are a few great destinations in Quebec City and its surroundings to both be active and enjoy nature’s wonders.


Quebec City’s Surroundings

Vallée Bras-du-Nord

Located only 40 minutes from Quebec City, Vallée Bras-du-Nord is the ideal hiking spot for any type of hiker, from the occasional trekker to the most seasoned backpacker. The valley counts over 80 km of marked recreational pathways. It is also one of the biggest trails network in the province. The valley offers even more activities like canoe rides, bicycle riding, and canyoning. To get there, take Highway 40 West towards QC-367 North at Saint-Raymond.

Main reception: 107 Grande Ligne, Saint-Raymond, QC, G3L 2Y4

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

The Parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is one of Quebec City’s musts. Located in Stoneham, about 30 minutes from Quebec City, this park offers various paths through its vast mountain plateau surrounded with deep valleys. The spectacular panoramas of the Jacques-Cartier and Sautauriski valleys will amaze you during your ascent. The “Loups“ path, a 5 km hike, is the most sought-after trail, but there is a lot more to see: a total of 12 paths of various degrees of difficulty (easy, intermediate and hard) are waiting for you. To get there, Take QC-175 North Route towards Chemin des Cassandres in Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury.

103 chemin du Parc-National, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC, G3C 2T5

Station Touristique de Stoneham

The Station touristique de Stoneham offers two different paths that will both lead you to the top of the mountain. The Boucle de la Station is a path of 9.5 km through the wilderness surrounding the ski slopes and giving you the occasion to reach two different summits. It is also possible to cut the path short and take the ski slope to come down the mountain. As for the Hibou-Nord path, it is an 18.8 km long trail that will lead you all the way to Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier. To get to Station touristique de Stoneham, take QC-175 North Route towards Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury.

600 chemin du Hibou, Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury, QC, G3C 1T3

Station Touristique Duchesnay

Located less than 30 minutes from Quebec City, this tourist resort offers up to 28 km of pathways for all types of hikers. The trails are flowing and gentle, easy to trek. You will also get to discover a surprising geological phenomenon called rock shelters along the pathways. The resort also offers a rally activity inside the amazing Super Labyrinthe Inukshuk. You have to check it out! To get there, take Fossambault/QC-367 North Route from Highway 40 West.

140 montée de l’Auberge, Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, QC, G3N 2Y6


Close to our Hotels

Base de Plein Air de Sainte-Foy

Located only 2.9 km from Hôtel Québec Inn and 2.2 km from Hotel Must, this outdoor recreation center offers 5 km of pathways through the woods. During the summer, you can practice many activities and rent equipment for water sports and archery. In the fall, you can go hiking and observe birds.

3180, rue Laberge, Québec, QC, G1X 4B5

Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge

A magnificent park filled with dozens of tree and flower species to check out during your stroll, Parc du Bois-de-Coulonge is located on Grande-Allée. It used to be called Spencer Wood, but in 1950, the Legislative assembly passed a bill and renamed it Bois-de-Coulonge to honor its French heritage. Following the dreadful events of 1966 that destroyed the villa du Bois-de-Coulonge, the location of the villa, which has not been rebuilt, has been turned into a park. It became accessible to the public in 1970. On the premises, you will find a heritage interpretation center to learn more about the park’s history. It is also possible to take outdoor yoga and cardio classes. If you wish to get there from our hotels on boulevard Laurier, just follow the same boulevard in the north-east direction.

1215 Grande Allée Ouest, Québec, QC G1S 1E7

Domaine de Maizerets

Domaine de Maizerets is a 300-year-old historic park. Located in La Cité-Limoilou, this domain was developed in 1705 with the acquisition of the Séminaire de Québec. The whole domain used to be farmland, cultivated to feed the students and staff of the Séminaire. It slowly went from a private Séminaire to a recreational centre and became accessible to the public in 1979. The main house, built in the 17th century, is the oldest building in Limoilou and has been classified as a historical monument of Quebec’s heritage in 1974. You will find a historical circuit, to learn more about the domain, and a great number of activities like a bicycle path, play modules and water sports. There is also an impressive amount of tree species to discover and many sectors to explore.

2000 boulevard Montmorency, Québec, QC G1J 5E7


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