Taking Smarter Pictures With Your Smart Phone

Summer holidays are here, we have fun, we discover things, we have a good time and we come back home with a heart full of memories. We want to cherish those memories, to make them last forever! Thanks to smart phones, no need to buy expensive cutting-edge cameras to take great pictures of your trip to Quebec City! Here are some tricks to help you reach a new level of picture-taking:


Easy, but important for high-quality pictures: clean your camera’s lens! It’s a task we often neglect, but a dirty lens could make your pictures blurry. Simply use a microfiber cloth and voilà!


Don’t use your camera’s flash, try natural light instead. Flashes could darken the background and create unwanted effects, like red eyes or overexposure. For ideal lighting, the light source should be located behind the photographer so it will light the subject in front of them. You can also play with different angles and light to give various effects to your subject.

Another easy trick: the grid’s rule of thirds! First, you need to make sure your phone’s grid is activated. On iPhone, just select your settings, then ‘’camera “ and activate the ’’grid” option. For Samsung phones, open your camera, open the settings at the top right of your screen and activate the grid. The grid divides the screen into 9 equal parts. The 4 intersections are the 4 thirds. To apply this composition-assistance rule, simply place the subject of your picture on one of the intersections so they become the focal point.


To get a picture of the whole family, use your phone’s camera timer. Make sure to find a stable support for your phone, or simply order a small tripod especially made for your phone and easy to carry around on the internet or in store.

Keep all the details on your pictures by getting closer to your subjects and avoid using the zoom. Smart phones zooms are very different from traditional cameras’ and can lower the quality of your pictures. Just step a little closer and you will be amazed by how good your photos can get.


Be original and use different angles. Be creative and think outside the box! Take bird view pictures by standing above your subject, you will be surprised by what you can do!

Finally, now that you know how to take smarter pictures with your smart phone, here’s one last tip: don’t forget to write where your pictures were taken! You will be thankful to yourself in a few years when you look back at them.

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