Tasting Quebec City

To live Quebec City to the fullest, you have to try the local products! Downtown Capitale-Nationale is filled with local shops selling fine products ready to be tasted or to bring back home. Take our 35 minutes (on foot) gourmet route to make tasty discoveries and visit the gorgeous city streets.


1) Le Projet

Gastropub specializing in local microbreweries, Le Projet is the ideal spot to find your new favorite beer. Their 24-lines-board of local beers and ciders changes every week, you simply cannot get bored with it! Located in a rustic-style building with a classic English pub décor, they offer a menu featuring many local products.

399, rue Saint-Jean, G1R 1N8, Quebec (QC)

2) Boulangerie au Paingruël

This is where you will find the best bread in town. Their technique is creative and unique in Quebec City. The bakers are working with traditional methods of bread-baking, using only natural leaven. All their breads are made with organic and low-gluten flours and cooked in-store. At the Paingruël, you will find all kinds of creative takes on bread.

578, Rue Saint-Jean, G1R 1P6, Quebec (QC)

3) L’épicerie J.A. Moisan

The oldest grocery store in North America can be found a few steps away from the historical district of Old Quebec. As soon as you walk in, you will feel as if you traveled to another era. You will find many local products but also from all around the province, and even the world. There is also a tasting corner and an antiquity display.

699, rue Saint-Jean, G1R 1P7, Quebec (QC)

4) Délices Érable & Cie

What could be better than a maple tasting area? Délice Érable & Cie owns a boutique space that offers many maple products, honey, and cranberry products with different themes. There is also a café, a tasting area and an educational space to learn all there is to know about maple syrup and its recipes.

1044, rue St-Jean, G1R 1R6, Quebec (QC)

5) Confiserie C’est si Bon

Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Time to stop at this beautiful and colorful boutique! You will find there a vast array of chocolate, licorice, gumdrops, chewing gum and other kinds of sweets, maple products, and souvenirs. There is also a delicatessen where you will find many local products.

1044, rue St-Jean, G1R 1R6, Quebec (QC)

6) Chez Boulay — comptoir Boreal

The main objective of the comptoirs boreaux is to promote the richness of Quebec City’s terroir. They make sure that the variety and quality of the region’s local products are recognized. You can taste the products directly at the Comptoir while watching the bakers at work, or bring them home. There is also a delicatessen offering all kinds of oils, spices and vinegars.

42, Côte du Palais, G1R 4H8, Quebec (QC)

7) Nektar Caféologue

To find the best coffees available on the market, check out Nektar Caféologue. Founded in 2009, Nektar makes the high quality of their coffee a priority. Many products can be found in-store and you can also enjoy a succulent coffee and pastry at one of their tables.

235, rue Saint-Joseph Est, G1K 3B1, Quebec (QC)

8) Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis

Finish your route at the Fromagerie des Grondines & ses amis to discover the best cheeses in town. There, you will find a wide array of delis and local products along with a snack corner where you can taste all kinds of dishes made of products available in-store. Why not try the maple brie? It is simply scrumptious!

199, rue Saint-Joseph Est, G1K 3A8, Quebec (QC)

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