When the beef is perfect, everything is!

The proper preparation of meat, especially beef, has always been a very important aspect of JARO Hotels. Preparing it and serving it perfectly in all our restaurants is of utmost importance to us.


How It All Began

Prior to acquiring the first hotel in the JARO Hotels chain in 1976, the Quebec Inn, Mr. Jacques Robitaille owned an apartment building. A grocery store, which included a butcher shop, was located on the first floor. The manager then initiated Mr. Robitaille, who was already a great lover of red meat at the time, to the art of butchery. This passion continued through the JARO restaurants and led to the opening, almost inevitably, of the Restaurant Beffroi Steak House in 2000. To this day, Mr. Robitaille never misses an opportunity to visit our aging rooms to ensure the quality of our meats.


The chefs at Restaurant Beffroi Steak House and Restaurant Les Palmes personally take the time to order, prepare and cut the meat, which is delivered in whole pieces. You can also enjoy beef dishes in the other JARO restaurants.

Why Is Our Beef So Good?

We consistently ensure that we offer the highest quality AAA beef to all our customers at all our restaurants. Restaurant Beffroi Steak House has an aging room to perfectly age the finest cuts of AAA beef and bring out the richness of their flavors. This type of meat is also well marbled, which signifies that fat is found in the beef muscles. The more marbling the meat contains, which is in the form of white strands, the better its quality. It is also important to remember that the fat is what gives the beef its excellent taste.

Restaurant Beffroi Steak House

The famous Restaurant Beffroi Steak House is a favorite place for lovers of good red meat. The maple wood charcoal cooking will surely charm your taste buds. It is in the aging room, mentioned earlier, that Chef Jean-Michel Blouin sees to it that the meat is aged to perfection. Once the meat has been matured, Chef Blouin personally takes care of cooking it on the grill.
In addition to serving the meat directly at the restaurant, did you know that it is possible to buy ready-to-cook cuts of meat at home? The restaurant offers several cuts of meat at an excellent price/quality ratio. In addition to buying top-quality meat or fish, the restaurant also offers sauces and side dishes for dinner just like in a restaurant.

Visit the Butchery section of the Restaurant Beffroi Steak House HERE.


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