When Things Don’t Go as Planned

Whether on vacation, on a quick getaway or on a business trip, sometimes unforeseen events or surprises can lead to disappointment. Even though hoteliers, restaurateurs and activity suppliers want to offer a perfect experience to all their customers, sometimes situations that are beyond their control can occur.

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What to do in such a situation? Here are some tips:

  • Talk to the personnel in charge: waiter, maître d’hôtel, receptionist … depending on the location. Explain to them what is not appropriate by providing as much information as possible. The employee may not be able to take immediate action to resolve the situation, but the situation will at least be brought to the attention of managers so that the problem can be corrected in the future.


  • Don’t wait or hesitate to talk about it: by immediately telling the person in charge of the situation, you increase your chances that the situation will not have a negative impact on your experience and that future customers will not experience a similar situation. After all, the goal is to continuously improve!


  • If you decide to contact the company in writing, remember that a human being will receive your comment: a respectful exchange always helps to solve problems!


The important thing to remember in such a situation is that both the hotel personnel and the guests share the same wish: that the stay be simply perfect.

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