Why is a 2-night or more stay sometimes required for Spring Break?

Due to the high demand during the spring break, we require that guests book a minimum two-night stay. This condition applies in all our establishments until March 12.

Maid making bed in hotel room

This condition exists in order to offer a safe and enjoyable stay to all our guests and to compensate for the lack of employees dedicated to housekeeping. Our priority is always to make sure that the rooms are properly cleaned before your arrival. In addition, the requirement to book a minimum of two nights during the spring break, a very busy time of the year, also reduces traffic in the hotels. This allows our employees to devote more time to providing quality service despite the current situation. Of course, under normal circumstances, we would have been delighted to allow one-night stays and to welcome guests wishing to enjoy a short getaway at the hotel during the spring break.

We appreciate your understanding.

We are always looking for dedicated housekeeping staff in all of our locations. To view our job openings or to apply, please visit

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