Working at JARO Hotels means…

Working at JARO Hotels means being part of a big family of dedicated and dynamic people. It also means enjoying many advantages.

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Let’s face it, in the last few months we have experienced an unparalleled roller coaster of events: a pandemic, the closing of borders, government benefits encouraging some workers to avoid employment, scarcity of our clientele, scarcity of our workforce, severe and restrictive sanitary standards.

What craziness it has been, what intensity we have sustained, but what pride we have achieved. Proud to have made it through, to have maintained our operations throughout the year and even to have grown through the implementation of innovative concepts that today maximize our customer service while we distinguish ourselves in the hotel and restaurant business.

However, in order to achieve this, one must know how to surround themselves with passionate individuals who will be willing to embark on this train and feed off this craziness.

Come and join us, we currently have nearly 70 positions to fill. There is definitely one that will match your skills and interests.

The advantages of working at JARO

Working at JARO means:

  1. Being part of a network of 650 employees;
  2. Having opportunities for advancement in nearly 60 different types of jobs;
  3. Receive a summer salary above the market;
  4. Work for a local company that is 100% from Quebec ;
  5. Work for a company thatoperates 100% year-round ;
  6. To experience Christmas parties at the mythical Bar L’infraction 😊 😊 ;
  7. Work in a highly intense and demanding environment, but one that allows the passion of the hotel and restaurant business to blossom (and let’s face it, where we don’t even see the days go by)

Job opportunities available

Come work in an exciting, dynamic environment where teamwork, camaraderie and fun come together for an extraordinary career with multiple opportunities for advancement.

Become part of the JARO family today:



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