Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 7:30PM

***This show is exclusive to L’Hôtel Québec’s guests.***

Born and raised in a musical family in Xalapa, Mexico, Chico Garcia have always had the music in its blood. It’s at the age of eleven that Chico picks up the guitar for the very first time and literally falls in love with this particular instrument.

At fifteen, Chico is musically experienced and already well-known on the Xalapa music scene, where he gets to immerse himself in many musical styles, from heavy metal to Latin-American folk. Later on, Chico has the chance to extend its musical knowledge by travelling to England and New Zealand to explore new sounds.

Now living in Quebec City, Chico is still an avid guitar player and each and every one of its performances reflects its unique Mexican heritage.

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