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Graduation Party

  • Enjoy the magic of Old Quebec;
  • Located just steps from the Porte St-Jean, the hotel is an ideal place for arrivals with a horse-drawn carriage;
  • Our young and dynamic team will match your aspirations: Your imagination is our limit!
  • The ballroom hall, a magical place for your cocktail;
  • The unique character of our ballroom is warm and worthy of the great castles;
  • Arrival noticed on the beautiful staircase on the eyes of your peers.

Designated Areas for Cocktails

Having a cocktail party or similar event? Looking for a sophisticated and stylish location? When you hire our Fontainebleau, Rambouillet and Versailles rooms, hotel Palace Royal, an oasis in the heart of Old Quebec, can accommodate you in its intimate lobby where you can enjoy the view of the hotel garden while sipping your cocktail.

Please note that should you wish to hire the ballroom, there is a large hall is adjacent to the entrance of this room.


The hotel Palace Royal has an indoor parking for visitors and guests. Charges apply when visiting it. If necessary, our Doormen and Valets will be happy to assist you upon arrival.

Safe Designated Driver’s Service ”Tolérance Zéro”

JARO Hotels are proud members of the Safe designated driver’s service of “Tolérance Zéro”. This organization is based on the same principle as “Operation Red Nose”, but it is available 365 days a year. They offer a safe return with your car through a voluntary contribution. Thus, all the guests at your event can benefit from this service.

For information
Joanie Beaulieu, Sales Director
Québec City Region: 418-380-2580 ext. 2554
Toll-Free Number: 1-800-567-5276

Click here to see our Prom Night Brochure (PDF)

Types of halls available





Rambouillet function room at Hotel Palace Royal (by JARO Hotels of Quebec City)


Fontainebleau and Rambouillet function rooms of Hotel Palace Royal by JARO Hotels

Fontainebleau & Rambouillet

Fontainebleau Function room at Hotel Palace Royal (by JARO Hotels)


Chenonceaux Function Room at Hotel Palace Royal by JARO Hotels (in Quebec City)


Windsor Salon of Hotel Palace Royal by JARO Hotels of Quebec City



1/2 Valençay & Chambord


Valençay & Chambord


Amboise, Valençay & Chambord


1/2 Valençay, Chambord & Chenonceaux

Versailles Function Room of Hotel Palace Royal (by JARO Hotels of Quebec City)



Amboise & 1/2 Valençay

Buckingham Salon of Hotel Palace Royal by JARO Hotels in Quebec City



Valençay, Chambord & Chenonceaux


Chambord & Chenonceaux

Ballroom of Hotel Palace Royal by JARO Hotels of Quebec City



Amboise and Valençay

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