Saturday, October 30th, 2021

Dinner and show package
Joémi Verdon (Opening)

Joémi Verdon

Joémi Verdon, son of musicians, has been immersed in music since his early childhood. He masters several instruments as well as different musical styles. Joémi has always made a living out of his passion, which has earned him many honors and unforgettable experiences with many renowned artists such as Martin Deschamps, Breen LeBoeuf and his traditional group La Cantinière. He is proud to present a wide repertoire ranging from Richard Desjardins to Simon and Garfunkel, as well as the classics of rock legends such as CCR, The Beatles, Offenbach, PLUME, AC/DC, PINK FLOYD, ETC.

Kissed Tribute

Formed at the beginning of 2008, KISSED faithfully recreates the visual and sound universe and the energy of a KISS concert! The four musicians with extensive musical experience (two of the members having been part of a previous KISS tribute) get down to work and refine the show… KISSED leaves nothing to chance! Working as much on the songs, the make-up, the costumes, the stage movements, the sets, even the fire and the blood!!! In the fall of 2008, KISSED makes its debut on stage. It’s all there! The reactions of the audience and the critics are instantaneous… More than positive and fiery… Since its debut, KISSED has been constantly refining their shows, performing all the great hits and not hesitating to pick up several songs from the entire KISS discography, to the great pleasure of the fans.

Feel free to wear makeup or an extravagant costume for this hard rocking Halloween party!

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