Friday, November 12th, 2021

Dinner and show package

Ritchy Lemay & Friends (Opening)

Ritchy Lemay and Friends

The Ritchy Lemay & friends trio with Bob Champoux and Shawn McPherson. These three talented people come together to provide you with the most spectacular moments. With his unique voice, Ritchy Lemay (competitor of La Voix) brings several styles of pop music with Shawn McPherson’s harmonica melodies. The latter is inspired by the musicality of the Colocs, while the last member of the trio, Bob Champoux, invites us into the popular repertoire of the greatest Quebec rockers.



LBA BAND fills the dancefloors and captivates its audience everywhere it goes. With an all-purpose style that leaves no one unmoved, LBA BAND is without a doubt a benchmark for live bands with its sensational interpretations of the best songs of the last decades. You will love the engaging personalities of its members, as well as the amazing talent of its singers.

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