Wednesday, March 17th, 2021

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Les Cuillères à Carreaux (Opening)

Les Cuillères à Carreaux

“Les Cuillères à Carreaux” is a traditional music group composed of eight musicians. Their rhythmic and catchy melodies, original compositions and arrangements of the best songs from Quebec’s popular folklore, get the crowds up and dancing wherever the group goes.

Relive an evening like in the old days with songs to sing along to, accompanied by the violin, foot tapping, and above all, spoons! This group will make you laugh and party with their humor and energy.

Fun guaranteed, come and live the experience!

Bagpipe performance by Christian Haerinck (Second act)

Christian Haerinck

Christian Haerinck has been playing the bagpipes for the past 17 years and specializes in three kinds of bagpipes: the big Scottish bagpipes, the border pipes and the Scottish smallpipes.

Seven Bags of Bricks

Seven Bags of Bricks

In March, this band is a must for St. Patrick’s Day festivities! The 7 musicians of Seven bags of bricks pay tribute to Flogging Molly! They have been wowing the crowds since 2012! An evening of festivities and a fiery performance that appeals to both the fans and the uninitiated!

Discover a music that blends folk, Celtic punk and traditional Irish music. The Flogging Molly band is famous for its boundless energy in concert and the tribute band ”Seven bags of bricks” is sure to share it with you.

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