Sunday, March 21st, 2021

Dinner & Show Package

Rémy Langlois (Opening)

Rémy Langlois

Rémy Langlois, singer and guitarist, performs a “UNIQUE SHOW “. With a great vocal timbre, he has a voice ranging from Baritone to Tenor. Having performed in Quebec, France and the United States, he interprets his greatest stars: Johnny Hallyday, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, etc.

Julie Massicotte – Tribute to Ginette Reno

Julie Massicotte

After a 25-year career with an exceptional voice at the peak of its range, Julie Massicotte sings the greatest songs made popular by Ginette Reno. In this original production, Julie takes us on a journey back in time by stirring up memories of these popular hits, which she delivers in a breathtaking way, with both accuracy and emotion. For Julie Massicotte, the most important aspect of her work is to reach out to her audience and lull them with her strongest and most precious asset: her voice.

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