Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

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Rémy Langlois and the Tennessee Blues Band – Tribute to Cash, Presley and Hallyday

Rémy Langlois

Rémy Langlois was born in Quebec on June 15, the same day as Johnny Hallyday. From the age of 6, guitar in hand, he sings his three idols: Elvis Presley, Johnny Hallyday and Johnny Cash. His musical journey is impressive and diverse, worthy of an enthusiast. Indeed, he plays in bars, restaurants, makes the first parts – like that of Robert Charlebois in 2000 – and leaves two albums as a composer-performer.

In 2010, Rémy was chosen to sing on Quebec’s largest cruise ship – CTMA Vacancier, Montreal / Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine link – where he still sings today.

In 2017, he was called by a public relations officer and marketing consultant in Florida for tributes to Johnny Hallyday and Elvis Presley. Thanks to the success of these shows, the project continues today in 2021. In addition to these shows, Rémy is invited each year to the Canada Fest Music Festival in Hollywood USA 2018-19-2020. All this thanks to his energy, his charisma and his powerful voice.

Here we are in 2021, and Rémy presents his brand new show of Cash, Presley and Hallyday with 3 professional musicians from the group Tramp of the Century (tribute to Supertramp). All in a sober and cocktail formula with new sound arrangements under the musical direction of Roger Leclerc and the Tennessee Blues Band. A show that showcases Rémy’s talent and artistic grandeur.

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