Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Booking
  2. Arrival and Departure
  3. Policies
  4. Rooms
  5. Facilities
  6. Services
  7. Packages
  8. Location

1. Booking

Can I book a room without having to use a credit card?

Yes, you can book a room without having to use a credit card. To do so, you must send a payment equal to the amount of the first night by check or money order. Payments by money orders must be received by the hotel before 11am the day prior to arrival, while payments by checks must be received by the hotel at least 21 days prior to arrival so they can be verified. In the event where the required payments are not received in time and no guaranteed has been given, the reservation is cancelled at 11am on the day prior to arrival.

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2. Arrival and Departure

At what time can I proceed to check-in on arrival day?

You may check in from 4:00 PM on the day of arrival (5:00 PM for guests who have not booked directly with JARO Hotels). However, you may arrive at the hotel as early as 1:00 PM and enjoy the facilities, even if your room is not yet ready. If the reserved room is available upon your arrival, we will gladly hand you the keys.

At what time do I have to proceed to check-out on the day of departure?

You must proceed to check-out no later than 11am on the day of departure. You can, however, stay on location and enjoy the hotel facilities until 1pm.

Can I proceed to a late check-out (after 11am) on the day of departure?

Yes. A late check-out request must be made on the morning of the departure date and approved by a member of our staff. Approval of a late check-out request is based on the hotel’s occupancy rate and availability.

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3. Policies

Security Deposit

Why is a security deposit requested upon arrival?

A security deposit is requested to every reservation holder upon check-in. The security deposit is used to open the credit of your room and to cover room service charges, long-distance phone calls, equipment damages and thefts, if applicable.

How much is the security deposit?

The amount requested upon arrival is $100. The security deposit can be withdrawn on a credit card or paid in cash. Upon departure, the security deposit is refunded according to the original method of payment, in whole or in part, depending on the service fees withheld.

Requested ID

Is an ID required upon check-in?

Yes. A valid driver’s licence is requested upon check-in.

Credit Card

Why do I have to give my credit card number at the time of booking?

The credit card number is required at the time of booking in order to guarantee the reservation. The night prior to arrival, a hold equal to the cost of the reservation is placed on the credit card. In the event where the credit card is declined, the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation.

Are prepaid credit cards accepted at the time of booking?

No; prepaid credit cards are not accepted at the time of booking. However, prepaid credit cards are accepted for room payments, if made at the front desk.

Preferred Rate

Is there a preferred night-rate for the military personnel?

Yes; federal government employees, to which military personnel belongs, can benefit from a preferred night-rate. To obtain the preferred rate, guests must provide a proof of employment upon check-in.


What is the hotel’s cancellation policy?


To cancel a reservation without penalty, you must notify the hotel before 11am the day prior to arrival during the low season, and at least 72 hours prior to arrival during the holiday and spring break seasons. A notice of 14 days minimum is required for cancellation of the nights of December 24, 25 and 31.

After 11am, on arrival day: the amount of the first night is fully charged.

In case of no-show on the expected day of arrival: the amount of the first night is fully charged, and the remaining nights are automatically cancelled.


Are pets allowed in the rooms?

No. Pets are not allowed in the rooms.

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4. Rooms

Does the hotel offers connecting rooms?

Yes, the hotel has 5 connecting rooms which are mostly adapted rooms connecting windowless rooms.

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5. Facilities


Is the access to the hotel facilities – indoor swimming pool, fitness room, etc. – exclusive to guests?

Yes, access to the hotel facilities is reserved exclusively to guests.


What are the pool opening hours?

COVID-19 Hours – 8am to 9pm every day.

Is the swimming pool heated?

Yes, the swimming pool is heated; the water’s temperature is 82 °F.

Are pool towels provided?

As a matter of convenience given the large number of guests, we recommend you to bring the towels provided in your room to the pool. Note, however, that a certain number of towels are available at the pool.

Is the swimming cap mandatory?

No, the swimming cap is not mandatory.

Are there pool games and swimming floats at the pool?

No; pool games and swimming floats at not available at the pool.

Can I bring pool games and swimming floats at the pool?

Yes, you can bring swimming floats to the pool. However, toys and games that could disturb other guests are not permitted.

Can I purchase a swimsuit at the hotel?

No; we do not sell swimsuits on location.

Can my child wear a diaper in the pool?

Yes; swimming diapers can be worn in the pool.

Hot Tub

What are the hot tub opening hours?

The hot tub is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm, as well as Monday, from 1pm to 10pm.

Are children allowed in the hot tub?

Yes; children aged 7 and over are allowed in the hot tub. However, adult supervision is required at all times.


What are the sauna opening hours?

The sauna is open Tuesday to Sunday from 8am to 10pm, as well as Monday, from 1pm to 10pm.
Are children allowed in the sauna?

Yes; children aged 7 and over are allowed in the sauna. However, adult supervision is required at all times.


Are there parking fees?

No; the hotel provides free indoor and outdoor parking spaces for guests.

What is the height of the indoor parking lot?

The indoor parking lot has a height of 6’6.

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6. Services


Do I need to make a reservation to eat at the restaurant?

No, reservations are not mandatory. However, they’re highly recommended on weekends as well as during holidays, holiday season, spring break and summertime.

Is there a continental breakfast included?

Yes. A FREE CONTINENTAL breakfast is served daily. During the current pandemic, breakfast is offered in the form of a lunch box, including a pastry, cheese, yogurt, fruit and cookies. The customer must pick up the lunch box at the reception.


Does the hotel offer a babysitting service?

Yes. A babysitting service is available upon request. The babysitting service is provided by a third party named Garde d’Amis. If you plan on using this service throughout your stay, we recommend you book the babysitter a few days prior to your arrival. You can reach the babysitting company by dialling 418-999-9585.

DVD Rental

Does the hotel offers a DVD rental service?

No, the hotel does not offer a DVD rental service.

Internet Access

Is the Internet access free?

Yes. There is free wireless Internet access in every room, common area, meeting room as well as in the restaurant. You can also get connected for free using the wall outlet provided for this purpose, available in every room.

Baby crib rental

Do you provide a baby crib rental service?

Yes. You can rent a crib for $15+tax per night.
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7. Packages

Activity Packages

When I book an activity package – JARO Carie, JARO Aquarium, and JARO Village – where do I pick up the activity tickets?

When booking an activity package, you must pick up your activity tickets at the hotel’s front desk at the time of check-in.

Can a package and its features be modified or substituted?

No; packages and their features can’t be modified nor substituted.

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8. Location


How do I get to the hotel?

See the map

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