Friday, May 21st, 2021

Dinner and show package

Landy Rose duo (Opening)

Landy Rose

Landy Rose’s musical universe is highly diverse.From the 70’s to today, Landy revisits, with his legendary energy, all the best hits of every kind: Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Folk, Disco, Jazz, Québécois and more. You will hear, among others: Janis Joplin, Pink, Amy Winehouse, Zaz, Diane Dufresne, Anastasia, Alanis Morissette, Offenbach, AC/DC, Queen, U2 and many more! With chemistry and complicity, Landy Rose and her guitarist are going to charm you! For music lovers of all types, you can expect to be delighted.

Sympatik Reunion BSSR
Breen Leboeuf, Bob St-Laurent, Jeff Smallwood et Rej.E. Lachance


Here are four good old buddies, who have travelled all over the world with their music, and have brought to fruition a project they have cherished for a very long time.

Rock, blues and even country rock, not to mention the songs made popular by none other than Breen Leboeuf! Everything is laid out with their own unique blend that has made these musicians true pickers!

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