Jeanick Fournier

Friday, February 26th, 2021

Dinner & Show Package

Jeanick Fournier

With the complicity of her musicians, Jeanick will carry you into the sometimes intimate universe of five extraordinary women who were destined for glory throughout the world. The selection of songs chosen by Jeanick, often with the participation of her fans, allows the audience to experience her exceptional and versatile voice. She is capable of perfecting the most difficult interpretations with a range of registers that differ from one diva to another. Jeanick is one of the few singers with the vocal ability to sing many repertoires of these international artists.

The performance you will attend is a journey through time and the unique ambiance of each of these stars. You will hear songs that you love in Jeanick’s own way, without ever detracting from the success of the original versions. Her performances will pull you out of your seat and will make you want to release the emotion that grabs you in full crescendo! And one thing is certain: you will ask for more!

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HQI-CITQ : 068445

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