• A lovers’ Stay in Québec City

    February 08th 2023

    This year, allow yourself to spend a magical moment with your significant other. Be it a romantic night for two or an exceptional moment of relaxation, JARO has thought of everything. Here you will discover how to emphasize your complicity through the different services offered by our establishments.

    JAROmantic Package

    Treat yourself to the luxury of an intimate moment in comfort with your loved one with the JAROmantic Package. Offered in 5 of our hotels, this offer includes accommodation in one of our charming rooms and per night, one dinner per person, a bottle of wine selected by the maitre d' and one breakfast per person. Let yourself be carried away by the mood of the perfect evening under sparkling eyes and smiling lips.

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  • 5 reasons to stay at Hotel Québec Inn

    January 06th 2023

    Palm trees, a river in the rocks and a waterfall will take you to a unique tropical landscape. Enjoy a change of scenery with the reassuring comfort of being just a stone's throw from home: This is what you will experience when you stay at Hotel Québec Inn!

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  • Holiday Celebration at Hotel Palace Royal

    December 06th 2022

    This year, Hotel Palace Royal welcomes you to its enchanting decor for the holidays. Surprise! The indoor garden live entertainment will return for the occasion. The staff has also prepared irresistible menus to be experienced at the Beffroi Steakhouse.

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  • What to do during the holidays at Hôtel Québec?

    The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it's the time of year to indulge in the little pleasures of everyday life. So why not choose Hôtel Québec to celebrate the holidays with your family?

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  • Hotel Québec Inn : Holiday activities

    November 29th 2022

    A white carpet is a must for some people to really feel the holiday season. To others, it's a chance to escape the cold and head down South. And then, there are those who choose the Québec Inn: the only destination that offers a compromise of the two: white nature just minutes away and the pleasure of sipping a cocktail in a tropical garden! Just like in the South, there's music and festive menus.

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  • Holiday Activities in Quebec City

    November 28th 2022

    Join us this year to celebrate the holiday season in one of our seven establishments! Enjoy a moment of magic as you participate in a host of activities offered by JARO Hotels. What's more, the proximity of our hotels allows you to explore the Old Capital and its Christmas markets. At JARO, create unforgettable memories!

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  • Holidays in Quebec City: why choose Hotel Plaza Quebec?

    November 25th 2022

    Join us this year to celebrate the holiday season in one of our seven establishments! Enjoy a moment of magic as you participate in a host of activities offered by JARO Hotels. What's more, the proximity of our hotels allows you to explore the Old Capital and its Christmas markets. At JARO, create unforgettable memories!

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  • Ginger Unveils its New Image

    November 24th 2022

    JARO's graphic design and marketing teams have just unveiled the new image and website makeover for Ginger Resto-Bar.

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  • Discover Lindbergh Hotel

    October 31st 2022

    Did you know that the Lindbergh Hotel was named after a legendary American pilot? Not only does the hotel offer services and amenities that combine modern comfort and quality, but it also provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a historical overview!

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  • Our Stay, Park & Jet Package

    October 07th 2022

    Frequent travelers, the Stay, Park & Jet package is especially designed for you! Located near the Jean Lesage International Airport, the Quebec Inn and the Must Hotel offer you the night, the shuttle service and the parking for one week. Leave with peace of mind!

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  • Looking Forward to Fall?

    September 29th 2022

    The lovely fall colors have finally started to show themselves and this is the perfect time to take in the sights of the beautiful Quebec City region. With the gorgeous landscapes that fall offers, no wonder it's a favorite season for many. Find out how to make the most of it with our suggested activities.

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  • 5 reasons to stay at Hotel Must

    September 16th 2022

    Launched in 2008, Hotel Must is the newest hotel in the JARO hotel chain. It brings a modern touch to the comfort sought by business travelers, tourists and families. Its location, its services and its catering make it a key place for any getaway in Quebec City.

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  • Rooms Designed Specifically for Large Families

    September 01st 2022

    Thinking of staying at a hotel, but hesitant because you have a large family? Don't worry, we have the perfect room for you! Our hotels offer various Family Privilege Suites that are suitable for families of up to 6 people. These spacious rooms are perfect for families to stay together while being comfortable.

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  • Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Next Hotel Stay

    August 22nd 2022

    Stress-free travel is very important, particularly when it comes to family time, a romantic getaway or a sightseeing stop. That's why we've put together a list of useful things to know to improve your next hotel stay.

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  • What to do this summer in Quebec City

    July 07th 2022

    Summer 2022 is shaping up to be quite different from the last two years and thankfully so! Numerous events are back for everyone's greatest enjoyment. In Quebec City, there is no shortage of ideas for activities. Whatever your interests, you're sure to have a great time in the Old Capital!

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  • JARO Hotels’ 4 restaurants

    June 21st 2022

    The Hotel Plaza Quebec, Hotel Palace Royal, Hotel Quebec Inn and Hotel Quebec all feature a magnificent restaurant within their walls. Each one has its own personality and decor that matches the ambiance of the establishment. No matter what kind of experience you are looking for, you are sure to have a great time at one of our restaurants.

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  • JARO Hotels proudly presents its suites

    May 13th 2022

    JARO Hotels has an excellent variety of suites ideal for resting and escaping from routine. Each suite is more sumptuous than the next and will surely charm you.

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  • Learn more about Les Palmes team: Christophe Bordeaux

    May 11th 2022

    Did you know that Les Palmes restaurant is located in the first property acquired by JARO Hotels, the Hotel Québec Inn? In this article, you will learn more about a key member of the team: Christophe Bordeaux. As the restaurant manager, he certainly contributes to offering a unique experience to our guests.

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  • Learn more about Les Palmes team: Martin Tremblay

    May 03rd 2022

    We are excited to introduce you to Martin, Chef of the Hotel Québec Inn restaurant. This short article will introduce you to an employee whose contribution to the kitchen team is essential to the smooth running of the restaurant.

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  • What to do for National Patriots’ Day

    April 21st 2022

    The National Patriots' Day weekend (May 23) is eagerly awaited and cherished by many. Some prefer to relax while others wish to plan a few outings to keep themselves busy. Are you planning to visit the Quebec City area during this long weekend? Here are some ideas for family activities.

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  • Why is a 2-night or more stay sometimes required for Spring Break?

    February 23rd 2022

    Due to the high demand during the spring break, we require that guests book a minimum two-night stay. This condition applies in all our establishments until March 12.

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  • Meet the Ginger team: Stéphanie Bonavent

    February 15th 2022

    Hard-working and ever ready to help others, Stéphanie is responsible for morning service at Ginger. We are very proud to introduce you to this much appreciated employee of Hotel Plaza Quebec's restaurant.

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  • Exclusive interview with Rémy Langlois

    February 08th 2022

    Vocalist and guitarist, Rémy Langlois is a talented artist who is well worth knowing. We had the chance to speak with him to learn more about his musical career!

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  • Meet the Ginger team: Chef Amado

    Chef Amado Grimaldo of Ginger Restaurant is a key member of the kitchen team at Hotel Plaza Québec. Learn more about him in this short article.

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  • Have you heard about the advantages of working for JARO Hotels?

    February 03rd 2022

    JARO Hotels is a large and beautiful family where the well-being of our employees is taken to heart. Thanks to our dedicated employees, we have proudly maintained our operations throughout the last few years, despite the pandemic.

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  • Meet the Ginger team: David Charron

    January 27th 2022

    At JARO Hotels, our staff is our greatest pride. That's why we're pleased to introduce a key member of the Ginger team at Hotel Plaza Québec: David Charron, Restaurant Manager.

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  • Yvan Pedneault: his passion for music and Queen

    December 16th 2021

    We sat down with talented singer Yvan Pedneault to learn more about his musical journey and his new show Rhapsody - Queen Classics. Here is what he had to say!

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  • Holiday season at JARO

    November 24th 2021

    The holiday season is a time of festivities and an opportunity to spend precious time with loved ones. This year, experience the festivities at one of our seven locations. Create unforgettable family memories and enjoy the magic of the holidays at JARO.

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  • For a busy October!

    October 08th 2021

    Fall is undeniably the favorite season for many Quebec residents. The landscapes of the region are dressed in their most beautiful colors which you can admire through many activities. Here are some suggestions for outings to enjoy this beautiful time of year.

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  • Vaccine Passport: What You Need to Know

    September 14th 2021

    Fortunately, the vaccine passport is not mandatory to stay at the hotel. However, it is required for access to selected facilities at JARO Hotels. This measure will allow all guests to stay in complete safety and peace of mind.

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  • Shopping spree in Quebec City: where to go

    September 10th 2021

    Why not enjoy a getaway in Quebec City and do some shopping? The Old Capital offers numerous great places to go shopping.

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  • Do you know about the Carie Factory Fun Center?

    August 25th 2021

    Le Centre d'amusement Carie Factory is the ideal place to have a real party with your friends! With its recreational environment, the center will appeal to young and old alike. Be it for an outing with friends, family or school, everyone will return home with a smile on their face!

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  • When the beef is perfect, everything is!

    August 17th 2021

    The proper preparation of meat, especially beef, has always been a very important aspect of JARO Hotels. Preparing it and serving it perfectly in all our restaurants is of utmost importance to us.

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  • Summer’s not over yet!

    August 06th 2021

    Although autumn is almost here, summer has not yet run its course! The month of August often offers several beautiful and warm days for everyone's enjoyment. It's impossible to run out of ideas for activities during a visit to Quebec City. Here are a few suggestions to help you appreciate the beauty and richness of Old Quebec. What to do in Old Quebec in August?

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  • Make every stay a true JARO Xperience

    July 22nd 2021

    The JARO Xperience Loyalty Program allows you to benefit from every visit to our seven hotels and four restaurants. Registration for this program, which allows you to enjoy several exclusive benefits, is totally free.

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  • Taking the time to discover and experience the beauty of Île d’Orléans

    July 16th 2021

    A tour of Île d'Orléans is definitely a must for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Here are some touristic attractions that should not be missed during your trip to this natural heritage site. Crédit photo : Brigitte Bouchard

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  • This summer, let’s support Quebec City’s tourism industry together

    July 09th 2021

    Thanks to the flexibility of government measures, the summer is shaping up to be more exciting than ever! This is why we’ve put together a small selection of activities to enjoy with friends, family or as a couple. Below are a few suggestions for outings to make the most of the magnificent Quebec City region this summer.

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  • Working at JARO Hotels means…

    Working at JARO Hotels means being part of a big family of dedicated and dynamic people. It also means enjoying many advantages.

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  • Discover Quebec City for the National Patriot’s Day celebration

    May 11th 2021

    The National Patriots' Day long weekend tends to be associated with warm spring weather, long days outdoors and the perfect opportunity to discover or rediscover Quebec City and its region. Here are a few things to do during this most welcome vacation.

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  • Mothers in the spotlight at JARO Hotels

    April 23rd 2021

    Mother's Day is a unique occasion to celebrate the importance of all mothers. We have thought of everything to offer mothers a well-deserved moment of relaxation and rest. Thanks to JARO Hotels, on Sunday, May 9, surprise your beloved mother by treating her to a moment of pure happiness.

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  • Have you ever heard of the singer Landy Rose?

    April 15th 2021

    The talented Landy Rose is the lead singer of Landy Rose Duo, Landy Rose Band & Tribute to Pink by Trouble. Find out more about her in this exclusive interview.

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  • Ginger Restaurant, at home!

    April 09th 2021

    Did you know that Ginger Restaurant now offers gourmet boxes so you can enjoy their signature dishes at home? Turn into a chef in a flash as you prepare one of their mouth-watering meals in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Why should you book direct?

    March 19th 2021

    It's not always simple to find your way around when it comes to booking a hotel room online. Several intermediary websites indeed offer reservations in hotels all around the world. Then why is it more advantageous for you to book directly on the website of the hotel where you wish to stay? Here's why:

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  • A Memorable School Break at Hotel Quebec

    March 12th 2021

    The Hotel Quebec remains a destination of choice for parents and children wanting to have a good time and rest safely, even during a pandemic. We were fortunate to receive a wonderful testimonial from Mélissa from Drummondville, who stayed at L'Hôtel Québec with her daughter during the school break. She described her experience as follows:

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  • Hotel Québec Inn celebrates its 45th anniversary!

    March 09th 2021

    Hotel Québec Inn represents 45 years of history, 45 years of service and 45 years of being THE most exotic destination in Quebec City. The establishment marked the beginning of JARO Hotels as well as the story of the devoted and passionate Robitaille family.

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  • A first for Plaza Québec!

    February 26th 2021

    Hotel Plaza Québec will be hosting a Boxing Gala for the very first time in its history! Yes, you read that right. The Groupe Yvon Michel, a prominent professional boxing promotional organization in Quebec, is thrilled to announce that the event will take place at the hotel on March 16th.

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  • School break in Quebec City

    February 18th 2021

    For many people, the school break is an opportunity to share memorable moments together as a family and to get out of the house. Are you looking for ideas for fun family outings despite the current situation? Good thing we've found some great family activities to do in the Quebec City area.

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  • St. Patrick’s Day at Plaza Quebec

    February 11th 2021

    St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner! On March 17, the Plaza Québec Hotel will celebrate the popular Irish holiday with a festive and entertaining evening. Join us in celebrating to the sounds of lively, rhythmic music.

    To reserve

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  • Unique activities to do together as a family

    February 05th 2021

    Quebec City is the perfect place to stay and discover its unique features, activities and locations. We found the very best activities and outings of the region to brighten up this pandemic month of February. Skating, skiing, fat bike, hiking... you don't have to go far to have fun with the most popular winter activities! Here are our suggestions for family activities for february.

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  • Since 1976

    January 27th 2021

    JARO Hotels has come a long way since 1976! The following is a small glimpse into the history of this family-owned business from Quebec, along with a few photos recovered from our archives. Are you able to recognize our establishments?

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  • The Quebec Winter Carnival re-imagined

    January 21st 2021

    From February 5th to February 14th will be held the emblematic celebration of winter: the Quebec Winter Carnival ! This celebration for the young and old alike is a must-see event of winter in Quebec City. This 67th edition will certainly be different, but just as festive and fun! The complete program is entirely free of charge so that everyone can participate. Discover what awaits you this year at the Quebec Winter Carnival:

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  • A memorable New Year’s Day at the Palace Royal Hotel

    January 11th 2021

    For the occasion of our Dinner & Show Packages, we had the chance to receive a wonderful message from Mélanie from Victoriaville who stayed at the Palace Royal Hotel for New Year's Day. This is how she and her family described their experience despite the pandemic:

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  • Holiday season in Quebec City

    December 01st 2020

    The holidays are fast approaching, also meaning that it's a great time of the year to spoil yourself and to enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life. With the current situation, it's the perfect opportunity to improvise yourself as a tourist by rediscovering the magnificent city of Quebec. Christmas in Quebec City is simply magical! Make the most of it, especially this year, and take this opportunity to stay at JARO Hotels. Here are our suggestions for the perfect holiday season:

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  • Together to give back!

    April 29th 2020

    To help the Food Banks of Quebec, 3 chefs from JARO Hotels, along with the brigade of hotel managers and owners, Nancy, Annie and Marlène are uniting their culinary talents to prepare 10,000 portions of vegetarian chili for Les Cuisines Solidaires.

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  • 4 sugar shacks to discover near Quebec City

    February 28th 2020

    With the family, lovers or friends, it's always pleasant to go to the sugar shack. Whether it's to satisfy your sweet tooth, to gather around a brunch inspired by Quebecois cuisine or simply to celebrate the arrival of spring, you will undoubtedly find what you're looking for in one of these amazing locations! Discover our top 4 sugar shacks located in Quebec City!

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  • Disney on Ice is back in Quebec City for school break

    Are you looking for an original activity to experience with your family during school break? Disney on Ice is back at the Videotron Center from March 6 to 8, 2020 with the show Worlds of Enchantment. You'll be able to see your favourite Disney characters come to life in this most magical on-ice show.

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  • Discover Quebec City as a local: Theatres

    All too often overlooked by tourists, theatres are an original way to discover Quebec City's artistic scene. Whether you are staying in one of our hotels with your family, your loved ones or your friends, there is something for everyone to enjoy among the city's many theatres.

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  • How to : Write a hotel review after a stay

    Who hasn't read customer reviews of a hotel or restaurant before making a reservation? In the digital age, 82% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision and more than 95% of travellers consult the reviews before booking their stay.

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  • Looking for something romantic to do in Quebec City for Valentine’s Day?

    January 31st 2020

    Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love to your significant other. Why not going on a romantic getaway to Quebec City? With its European charm, streets full of history and magical scenery, it will surely melt your heart. Here are our suggestions for a most romantic stay.

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  • What’s up with the Quebec City Winter Carnival?

    From February 7th to 16th 2020, the emblematic celebration of winter will take place: the Quebec City Winter Carnival. This festival for both young and old is not to be missed during winter in Quebec City. By purchasing the effigy, you will gain access to everything that happens on the site. This year's 66th edition combines tradition and innovation by making a few additions to the festival.

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  • What to do for school break in Quebec City?

    The much anticipated school break is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, especially when you find activities that are sure to entertain everyone. Quebec City is the ideal place to visit, with its attractions, activities and unique places to discover. Here are our suggestions intended for people of all ages.

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  • 5 Reasons to Stay at Hotel Plaza Québec

    December 30th 2019

    Have you ever noticed the magnificent castle located near the highways entrance on Laurier Boulevard? This is one of our most popular hotels: the Hotel Plaza Québec. This hotel has been designed to appeal to all types of guests. During the week it is mainly occupied by business people, while on weekends you will see families and couples.

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  • What to Do in Quebec City This January

    December 26th 2019

    The Quebec City Region offers a storm of activities to do during the colder season. Whether inside or outside, the choices are endless.

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  • Transform Your Holiday Season With JARO Restaurants

    November 28th 2019

    During this joyous time of year, the restaurants of JARO Hotels offer dishes that will seduce you. Here are our restaurants where you can enjoy a generous meal during the holiday season, whether for Christmas, New Year’s Day or in between!

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  • AXEL: Cirque du Soleil Arrives at Videotron Centre

    November 19th 2019

    Are you looking for an original outing to do with family or friends? Cirque du Soleil is back at Videotron Centre for a second year following the success last December of their show Corteo.

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  • 6 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays at JARO Hotels

    October 28th 2019

    Have you ever had the chance to visit Quebec City during the holiday season? The wonderful landscapes make for an unforgettable destination. Christmas in Quebec City is simply magical! Try it for yourself and take the opportunity to stay at one of the JARO Hotels.

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  • What to Do in Quebec City in November

    With November just around the corner, we came up with the best activities to do in Quebec City to make this month the best one yet. Here are our suggestions of activities to do this month:

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  • What to Do in Quebec City for a Colourful Thanksgiving Holiday

    September 26th 2019

    Celebrated on the second Monday of October, Thanksgiving is essentially a celebration to honour the harvests and have a good time with our loved ones. It is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that autumn has to offer. Quebec City offers a wide range of activities to enjoy this long weekend.

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  • Quebec City’s Must-Do to Celebrate the Arrival of Halloween

    Halloween is a holiday adored by children and adults alike that brings a host of monsters and creatures to our doorstep. It’s the only time of year where we can dress up and pick candy. Halloween is also the perfect moment to make the most of all the activities organized in Quebec City throughout October to put you in this atmosphere of horror.

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  • 5 Events to Celebrate Labour Day

    August 26th 2019

    Celebrated the first Monday of September, Labour Day is the perfect time to get away and enjoy the last days of summer before fall takes over. With family, friends or alone, Quebec City is the place to be to make the most of this long weekend. Choose between several activities organized for the occasion and hit the road.

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  • 10 Questions to Jean-Michel Blouin, Executive Chef at Restaurant Beffroi Steak House

    It’s through the frenzy of the second service, behind the grill, that we met up with Jean-Michel Blouin, Executive Chef at Restaurant Beffroi Steak House, located inside Hotel Palace Royal on the outskirts of Old Quebec. Hard at work cooking the meat as only he can do, he gave us a few minutes of his time to answer our questions.

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  • A Romantic Stay in Quebec City: It’s Simple!

    Escaping to another city for a weekend only is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your loved one. With the day-to-day worries behind you, take the road to Quebec City for a perfect romantic stay! Here are some tips and suggestions to help you plan it all:

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  • 3 Reasons to Go to ComediHa! Fest

    July 25th 2019

    There are a lot of laughter and many smiles in Quebec City in August thanks to ComediHa! Fest*, the biggest French comedy festival in the city. It’s a great opportunity to see life in a funny way for 12 days. Wear your glasses (which work as a pass) proudly: they will give you access to many events and activities that will make you laugh out loud. In case you are not already convinced, here are 3 reasons that will convince you to dive into this universe where the very essence is comedy!

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  • Everything You Need to Know About the New France Festival

    From Thursday, August 1, to Sunday, August 4, 2019, travel across time and come celebrate the New France Festival in Quebec City. Since 1997, this historic, festive and gastronomic event is showcasing 17th and 18th century America. It is an opportunity to celebrate the history of the first European immigrants in New France with dance, music and gastronomy! Here is everything you need to know to be prepared for the festival:

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  • 10 Things to Do with Your Children During Your Vacations

    June 27th 2019

    Heading towards Quebec City with your children for your summer vacations? Don’t worry, the city has a ton of activities to offer. Rain or shine, here are 10 things to do that will please the whole family and get you moving.

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  • Guide to Your First Visit in Quebec City

    Visiting Quebec City for the first time? No need to stress. Follow our simple guide in 6 easy steps to ensure the success of your visit.

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  • 6 Festivals and Festivities That You Won’t Want to Miss in June in Quebec City

    June 02nd 2019

    The festival and festivity season is officially open. Put on your most comfortable clothes, get out, and move to the rhythm of the city!

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  • The Festival d’été de Québec is coming up!

    The 52nd edition of the Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) is starting in early July and you do not want to miss it. Like always, the choice of artists present will be diverse and worth the trip so plan a short getaway or a longer vacation in beautiful Quebec City. After all, it’s the best event of the summer!

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  • Enjoy Spring in Quebec City

    April 29th 2019

    Warm weathers are finally here, and this time they are here for good. Get inspired by these five suggestions to discover incredible places to enjoy the sun in Quebec City during the spring.

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  • When Things Don’t Go as Planned

    Whether on vacation, on a quick getaway or on a business trip, sometimes unforeseen events or surprises can lead to disappointment. Even though hoteliers, restaurateurs and activity suppliers want to offer a perfect experience to all their customers, sometimes situations that are beyond their control can occur.

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  • 3 Things to Do in Quebec City

    A little top 3 of the things you do not want to miss during the month of May in Quebec City.

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  • Discover the Centre d’amusement Carie Factory

    The Centre d’amusement Carie Factory is an incredible place to have fun and has remained THE best amusement centre in Quebec City for almost 10 years now.

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  • Easter Activity Guide

    March 27th 2019

    Easter holidays take place a bit late this year and it’s perfect that way; more time to plan activities for this famous weekend vacation.

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  • 5 Things to Do in April

    Spring is just around the corner, and no, it’s not a joke for April fool’s day! Have a look at our suggestions of activities to fill out your calendar with good memories.

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  • The Fascinating Continental Breakfast

    February 22nd 2019

    Convenient and fast, the continental breakfast is offered by several hotels. What is its origin?

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  • Visit Quebec City Solo

    Are you in town for business and looking to explore the city during your free time? Do you simply prefer to travel solo and visit at your own beat? Here are a few suggestions for lone explorers.

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  • Sing Along to the Quebec Winter Carnival Song!

    January 31st 2019

    Come warm your heart up with the carnavaleux of 2019 edition and forget January’s cold weather. Just put on your arrow sash, hang your Bonhomme Effigy on your coat and experience Quebec Winter Carnival from February 8 to 17, 2019!

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  • It’s Valentine’s Day!

    You still haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day? Don’t panic! Trust JARO Hotels and book your evening at one of their fantastic restaurants. Check out their scrumptious menus and choose your favourite. Celebrate love with your mind at rest. While Cupid busies himself with his arrows, JARO Hotels will take care of everything and make your evening absolutely perfect.

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  • Live JARO Xperience

    Since January 1, 2019, JARO Hotels offer a brand new loyalty program that allows you to take advantage of discounts and privileges exclusive to its members. Here are some of the privileges you could benefit from once you subscribe.

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  • Tropical Snowmobile Relay!

    January 03rd 2019

    Come warm up at Hotel Québec Inn and enjoy our facilities: pool, hot tub, wellness centre, restaurant and bar, you will find everything you need to rest your body and your mind!

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  • Discover Quebec City in January

    Quebec City is fascinating. Why not make the resolution to explore it a little more? The city has a ton of indoor and outdoor activities to offer, and here are our propositions for the month of January in the national capital. Discover Quebec City in January!

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  • Snow Day in Quebec City

    November 28th 2018

    Quebec is the true northern city, and it has everything you need to turn your casual snow day into a moment of pure happiness. The old capital is simply magical in the winter, so enjoy its fluffy white coat and make of your day an unforgettable experience.

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  • What to Do in Quebec City in December

    November 27th 2018

    In Quebec City, Holiday fever takes over the city as soon as December arrives. The first snow brings its load of themed and indoors activities and we have a lot of them to propose while you wait for the big night.

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  • Romantic Outings in Quebec City

    October 24th 2018

    November is here, time to enjoy the last moments before winter and come to Quebec City for a romantic getaway. With its European cachet, Old Quebec is the province’s most romantic location. At the first snowfall, you can walk around the historical buildings and the cobblestoned streets while daydreaming about the holidays. In the evening, the city’s lights are warm and the streets are buzzing with life.

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  • Hotel Québec Inn’s Shows

    There are just so many shows at hotel Québec Inn! Every week, at Les Palmes restaurant and at Le Diesel bar, artists show up to make your evenings unforgettable. Newly, artists are invited to perform every Saturday nights at Le Diesel bar. The shows change every week and you will get to discover brand new sounds that will make you dance.

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  • Gifts for Everyone

    September 21st 2018

    The holidays are coming up and the best way to be ready on time is to get your gifts in advance! Making a list is the ideal way to avoid headaches, but we sometimes lack inspiration. To solve that issue, we put together a list of suggestions to find local and original gifts for the whole family:

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  • Thanksgiving Outings in Quebec City

    September 11th 2018

    Every year, on the second Monday of October, Canadians and their families and friends gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is the last day off before the Holidays, so it is the ideal moment to spend some quality time with your close ones and break the routine before winter comes. Did you know this holiday is inspired by European celebrations of fall’s harvests?

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  • What To Do for Halloween in Quebec City?

    September 05th 2018

    The most important part of October is Halloween, without a doubt. Ghosts, monsters, witches and pumpkins become part of the city to make you tremble with fright. Here are a few of the best ways to celebrate Halloween in the old capital and get the most out of the festive ambiance:

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  • Three days off? Destination: Quebec City

    August 22nd 2018

    Since real life has not started again yet, we suggest that you spend the long Labour Day weekend in Quebec City. Take these three days to see what the city still has to offer! What does a long weekend look like in the Capitale-Nationale? Here is a glimpse that will definitely make you want to hit the road and visit Quebec City:

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  • Tasting Quebec City

    August 15th 2018

    To live Quebec City to the fullest, you have to try the local products! Downtown Capitale-Nationale is filled with local shops selling fine products ready to be tasted or to bring back home. Take our 35 minutes (on foot) gourmet route to make tasty discoveries and visit the gorgeous city streets.

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  • Quebec City and its Incredible Hiking Spots

    Quebec City and its surroundings have put on their autumn gown. You are a hiking lover and wish to discover new trails and paths? Here are a few great destinations in Quebec City and its surroundings to both be active and enjoy nature’s wonders.

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  • How to Pack Efficiently

    July 17th 2018

    Packing up before a trip is an important step. We try to pack lightly, but we don’t want to forget anything and still want to optimize space. Great packing is an art form, so here are some tips and tricks to master the art of smart packing:

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  • What to do in August in Quebec City?

    July 13th 2018

    Time flies and August is already here! But the weather is still nice, and festivals and events are still everywhere in the city. You still haven’t gone on vacation, or you’re thinking of coming back to Quebec City during the month? You won’t be disappointed, here is a list of events for August:

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  • Taking Smarter Pictures With Your Smart Phone

    July 12th 2018

    Summer holidays are here, we have fun, we discover things, we have a good time and we come back home with a heart full of memories. We want to cherish those memories, to make them last forever! Thanks to smart phones, no need to buy expensive cutting-edge cameras to take great pictures of your trip to Quebec City! Here are some tricks to help you reach a new level of picture-taking:

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  • Top 10: what to do when it rains in Quebec City?

    June 20th 2018

    We all wish for a cloudless summer, but what can you do when the sun decides to hide anyway? No need to stay home when the sky is gray! Quebec City offers tons of indoor activities for when the weather isn’t playing along.

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  • For a memorable month of July

    We’re already a few weeks into summer and school is out, it’s time to choose where to go and what to do in July. It’s time for Quebec City and its surroundings to live to the beat of festivals and vacationers, local and foreign.

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  • The Incredible Festival d’été de Québec

    June 18th 2018

    Every year, the Festival d’été de Québec is the number one event for Quebecers. Since 1968, the FEQ has grown so big that it became one of the main musical events in Canada. With eight stages located in the heart of Old Québec’s historic district, it’s an annual rendezvous for all music lovers from all parts of the country and beyond. It is also the best time to enjoy the city’s main streets and their festive atmosphere. Their terraces and animation are sure to win you over.

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  • Celebrating Quebec: Where to go?

    June 11th 2018

    It’s almost time to take out your Fleurdelisé (the famous Quebec province flag), your white and blue accessories and to sing Happy Birthday Quebec! The celebratory weekend of June 23 and 24 is almost here. There are several activities in Quebec City to meet up and have fun for the Fête nationale du Quebec. The whole city will move to the sound of Quebec music during the entire weekend!

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  • A Beach in the City

    May 29th 2018

    Do you know Baie de Beauport? There really is a beach close to downtown Quebec and it is only a five minutes (4.2 km) car ride away from the Hotel Palace Royal. What is best to enjoy the warm summer sun than to spend a day relaxing in a hammock or with your feet in the sand? Baie de Beauport is a place to move and enjoy the great Saint-Laurent River that surrounds it. There are activities for all tastes.

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    May 18th 2018

    The arrival of June marks the beginning of summer holidays, of long hot evenings, of festivals, and of outdoor activities. We see the return of bikes, dairy bars, and BBQ with friends. In brief, there is a lot to keep us occupied! One thing's sure is that in June we move because sports events follow one another. But that’s not all!

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  • What to do on Victoria Day

    May 11th 2018

    Victoria Day rimes with long spring weekend! For many, this break is the perfect moment to celebrate the highly anticipated arrival of the sun. Moreover, it is a moment to remember Queen Victoria. This special day occurs every Monday before May 25. This year, it will be on May 19, 2018, to May 21, 2018. No matter what this weekend signifies for you, Quebec welcomes these first sunny days and the beginning of summer activities with open arms.

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    May 07th 2018

    Now that winter has come to an end, here comes a day that needs to be celebrated. Summer tires are on, so take the road and come celebrate Mother’s Day in Quebec City! Mothers are constantly ensuring that the people around them are not missing anything to the point of forgetting themselves. So It is fundamental that they are not forgotten. To help you, here is a list of activities to do in Quebec City that will please mom.

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  • JARO Hotels are ready for Easter

    February 23rd 2018

    For great Easter celebrations, JARO Hotels have thought of you and have prepared many activities and meals especially for the occasion.

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  • Maple sugar season in Québec City

    February 21st 2018

    Maple sugar season is almost here in Québec City! This period usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, from mid-March to the end of April. It’s the moment when the sugar shacks collect the sap of the sugar maple trees to make varied products, including the famous maple syrup. Besides, did you know that the province of Québec provides 2/3 of the world production of maple syrup? Quite impressive, right?

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  • School break with JARO Hotels

    February 16th 2018

    The school break is almost here: JARO Hotels thought of you and have prepared some awesome activities and deals so that parents and children can enjoy the week without any worries!

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  • Like a local: Québec City’s microbreweries

    February 06th 2018

    Locals from Québec City are fond of microbreweries: there are ten of microbreweries and pubs in the city to gather with friends over a beer. Discovering these places unknown by tourists is a must for an unforgettable experience in the city!

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  • What to Wear for your Winter Trip to Québec City

    January 22nd 2018

    Québec City is a wonderful city to visit during winter: the city is slowly getting covered with snow and, with its European charm, it has a unique touch of magic! However, winter also means colder temperatures, so it’s important to wear proper gear to enjoy the Old Capital fully!

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  • Discover Québec City Like a Local: coffeehouses

    January 10th 2018

    Whether it’s for enjoying a coffee, a tea or a hot chocolate, coffeehouses are places that bring people together and where it’s pleasant to wander. Alone or with friends, we forget the coldness of winter during hours by letting our beverage warm up our body and soul. There are tens of small coffeehouses in Québec City that are worth a visit if you know where to look!

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  • What to Do in Québec City When It’s Cold Outside

    January 05th 2018

    The freezing temperatures of January have now arrived in Québec City! The Siberian cold seems to be here to stay, so we rather like to remain comfortably warm inside. Fortunately, there are all kinds of fun activities to do in Québec City without the need to go outside.

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  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Québec City

    January 03rd 2018

    Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It’s time to start planning how you are going to celebrate love with your better half. Do you prefer a romantic dinner, a walk side by side with your lover or a stay in a hotel? There is something for every taste in Québec City!

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  • Celebrate winter with the Carnaval de Québec 2018

    December 15th 2017

    From January 26 to February 11, 2018, it’s winter’s emblematic party, the Carnaval de Québec! This carnival for young and old is a staple of winter in Québec City: people from all over the world invade the city, armed with their boots and their snowsuit to enjoy the many activities offered.

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  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Québec City

    December 12th 2017

    Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018! To celebrate New Year’s Eve, many options are available in beautiful Québec City. For the occasion, JARO Hotels and their renowned restaurants organize several activities to welcome the New Year.

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  • Hiking Trails: Where to Go?

    August 18th 2017

    September is on its way, and with it comes a breeze of fresh air, beautiful foliages as well as colourful scenery that is worth admiring. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors and contemplate nature’s beauty than to go for a walk or a hike in the region’s greatest trails? Here are some of Quebec’s best trails for autumn hikes.

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  • Find your suitable match: A hotel for every traveller

    July 14th 2017

    When travelling to Quebec City, booking the right hotel for you and the type of vacation you are looking for can be challenging. Situated in three of the most sought-after areas in town, JARO Hotels & Services’ seven locations each provide a unique experience to guests. Here’s where you should book your next stay in Quebec City according to your travel personality.

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    July 06th 2017

    Sports fans: put Quebec City on your radar! In the coming months, Quebec City will be the host of many major amateur and professional sporting events you won’t want to miss! Mark your calendar: here are the main sports events going on this summer and fall in Quebec City.

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    June 27th 2017

    Summer 2017 marks a turning point in the history of Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ): Canada’s biggest outdoor music festival celebrates 50 years of pure musical magic.

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  • Summer Vacay: 5 Reasons Why Quebec City is the Best

    May 26th 2017

    With hot summer days just around the corner, now is the time to plan and book your next vacay. Thanks to its numerous attractions and landmarks, Quebec City will definitely not let you down; here are 5 reasons why Quebec City is the best destination for a super awesome summer vacation.

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  • Victoria Day Weekend in Quebec City

    April 27th 2017

    The National Patriot’s Day long weekend is the highlight of spring in Quebec City. Flowers are blooming, days are getting warmer and summer activities are in full swing, meaning that the city is definitely in a festive mood! Thanks to the cheerful atmosphere that surrounds town at this particular time of the year, the National patriot’s Day weekend is one of the best times to visit Quebec City and to discover or rediscover the great cultural heritage of the most European city in America.

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