5 Reasons to Stay at Hotel Plaza Québec

Have you ever noticed the magnificent castle located near the highways entrance on Laurier Boulevard? This is one of our most popular hotels: the Hotel Plaza Québec. This hotel has been designed to appeal to all types of guests. During the week it is mainly occupied by business people, while on weekends you will see families and couples.

5 Reasons to Stay at Hotel Plaza Québec


Here are the 5 reasons that will convince you to book your next stay at Hotel Plaza Québec!

1. Its Location

You won’t get lost by going to the Hotel Plaza Québec. It is located at the intersection of Laurier Boulevard, Henri-IV Highway (Highway 73), Duplessis Highway (Highway 540) and access to the two bridges of Quebec City. In other words, even people using Highway 20 and Highway 40 will have very easy access to the hotel.

People wishing to visit Old Quebec will easily get there: the boulevard on which the hotel is located takes you there. In addition, it is possible to take the bus in front of the hotel.

Shopping fan? It’s the perfect place. The hotel is close to famous shopping centers such as Laurier Québec, Place de la Cité and Place Ste-Foy. You can even get there on foot depending on the size of the purchases you plan to make.

Indoor and outdoor parking are free at Hotel Plaza Québec. You don’t have to worry about leaving the hotel to enjoy your day.


2. Its Facilities and Services

Hotel Plaza Québec stands out with its huge tropical garden

Hotel Plaza Québec stands out with its huge tropical garden and indoor pool which are signature installations of JARO Hotels.

Do you want to continue your training at the hotel? No problem. The machines in its fitness center will allow you to continue your routine.

Would you rather decompress? Take advantage of the indoor hot tub and make an appointment at Centre de santé La Source (health center).

Do you want to spend a pleasant family holiday? The hotel offers 2 playrooms perfect for entertaining your children during your stay. Activities designed for them are also offered during the holiday season, school break and the summer season.

Need advice and suggestions? Ask the concierge for advice. Located near the reception, he will be happy to answer your questions and inform you about what’s going on in town.


3. Its Restaurant

The Ginger restaurant is the perfect place to start the day,

The Ginger restaurant is the perfect place to start the day, live the happy hour, have a delicious dinner in a festive atmosphere or to dance until closing. Ginger will please everyone with its wide variety of dishes. You will find sushi, tartares, salads, pizzas, seafood, grilled meats, pasta and more.

Finally, take advantage of its wide selection of cocktails, beers, wines and spirits.


4. Its Architecture

Despite its Victorian architecture on the outside - Hotel Plaza Québec

The hotel stands out from other buildings in the area thanks to its facade which gives it the appearance of a castle. Did you know that this facade was not present on the original building? It was after the purchase of the Hotel Plaza Universel by our owners that the design of the hotel was gradually changed. For the curious, you will find the twin of the original hotel near the Olympic Stadium in Montreal.

The interior of the Hotel Plaza Québec is contemporary.

Despite its Victorian architecture on the outside, some furniture found here and there and the columns of the tropical atrium, the interior is contemporary. It is a cozy decor with soft lights that will mark your stay.


5. Its Function Rooms

Hotel Plaza Québec is mainly recognized as a convention centre

Hotel Plaza Québec is mainly recognized as a convention centre. Do you want to rent a function room for a wedding, an office party, a prom night or any other event? Its team is there to help you select the right function room and advise you on your event.

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