Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Québec City

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! It’s time to start planning how you are going to celebrate love with your better half. Do you prefer a romantic dinner, a walk side by side with your lover or a stay in a hotel? There is something for every taste in Québec City!


Québec City, the Most Romantic City

The Old Capital is a dreamy place to celebrate Valentine’s Day! With its European scenery, it’s the most romantic city. Enjoy the ancient winding streets and the century-old buildings of Old Québec during a walk with your loved one. If you’re lucky, it may be snowing: the old city is even more magical under the snow!


The romantic places you don’t want to miss are, among others, the Quartier Petit Champlain, Place d’Youville skating rink, Saint-Jean Street and, obviously, the Terrasse Dufferin and the famous Château Frontenac.


You don’t feel like walking? Why not try a horse-drawn carriage ride? Sit back and relax as you enjoy a journey through centuries of history, snuggled against your lover.

Romantic packages for every taste (and every budget!)

Do you want to make your loved one happy by offering him/her a stay in a hotel in your company? JARO hotels have thought of you and offer you the JAROmantic Package available in all their hotels that includes the lodging, the dinner, a bottle of wine served during the meal and the breakfast. This is a really great way to indulge your better half (and yourself!).


It’s not exactly what you had in mind? Inquire about our romantic packages: Magic of the Night, Sweet Romance, and Great Escape. There will surely be something for you!


Are you rather looking for a relaxing experience? You’re lucky, many of our hotels also offer some Health and Spa packages, the most zen way to express your love!

Intimate Dinner

For a memorable Valentine’s Day, there is nothing better than an intimate dinner in a charming setting. You’re lucky, for the occasion, the Restaurant Beffroi Steak House offers his Romantic dinner for 2 menu: cod fish’n’chips flavoured with beer, grilled flank steak, tomahawk of local Nagano pork, and much more!

Renowned for its meats and fish cooked over maple charcoal, the Restaurant Beffroi Steak House is located near Place d’Youville, just steps away from Old Québec. Furthermore, its wine list suggests a wide selection of more than 300 different products labels from all around the world. Honestly, how can you have a more romantic evening than this?

If you rather want to celebrate in Sainte-Foy district, Ginger offers a special menu for Valentine’s Day besides its new à la carte menu. Enjoy an exquisite meal in a festive ambiance (shows from Monday to Saturday) and try a delicious cocktail among more than a hundred choices or a glass of wine among more than 35 choices!


Are you looking for a creative and exotic way to celebrate your love? Why not try Les Palmes restaurant, located in the Hotel Québec Inn? Romantic and softer atmosphere during the evening, in an indoor tropical garden made with real exotic vegetation, this is the ideal restaurant to forget the coldness of winter for a moment.

Enjoy an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in the most romantic city ever. No matter which type of moment you want to spend with your loved one, Québec City is the place to be!

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