How to : Write a hotel review after a stay

Who hasn't read customer reviews of a hotel or restaurant before making a reservation? In the digital age, 82% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision and more than 95% of travellers consult the reviews before booking their stay.

How to : Write a comment after a stay - JARO Hotels Blog

When we know that it is almost certain that our comment will be read, it is better to write it in a constructive and honest manner so that its relevance serves future clients as well as the company.

Needless to say, you shouldn’t only write a review when you have had a bad experience. Positive comments are always highly appreciated, both by the company you are evaluating and by those seeking recommendations.

Did you get good customer service? Did your stay exceed your expectations? Do you have any recommendations for future clients? Share it as a review. It’s a winning combination for everyone.

Whether you’ve had a great experience or a bad one, here are a few tips for writing a constructive and useful review:

1. Don’t wait until you get home to report your disappointment

Businesses, hotels and restaurants like it when you leave reviews, but they appreciate it even more when they get your feedback, comments and questions during your visit.

Feel free to ask questions and even report your disappointment to the person in charge on the premises. Managers always prefer to be able to talk to the client face-to-face and resolve the problem immediately, if necessary.

2. Don’t write a review in the heat of the moment

There’s no point in writing a review immediately after an experience. If you’ve had a bad experience and you’re upset about it, take the time to cool down and gather your thoughts before you sit behind your keyboard.

Tips for writing a constructive and useful review

3. Remain courteous and polite

Out of respect for the employees who work for the company you are reviewing, write your experience in a polite and respectful manner. Readers will not take your comment seriously if it is out of line.

4. Be detailed, specific and honest

When describing a situation you have experienced, provide as much detail as possible to put the reader in context. If you explain that the waiting time at the restaurant was long, it would be good to specify what time and day you were there.

If you are writing that you thought the food in the restaurant was “bad”, it would be good to explain what you didn’t like (the temperature of the dish, the quality of the food, the quantity of food, etc.).

5. Proofread  your comment before clicking send.

When you finish writing a review, it is important to proofread it to make sure that the sentences are fluent and the words are spelled correctly. Your comment will have more impact and will be taken more seriously if it is well written.

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