Meet the Ginger team: David Charron

At JARO Hotels, our staff is our greatest pride. That's why we're pleased to introduce a key member of the Ginger team at Hotel Plaza Québec: David Charron, Restaurant Manager.

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David Charron, Restaurant Manager

David hasn’t always been the restaurant manager at Ginger. He started over 21 years ago as a bellhop and then as a maitre d’ for the Hotel Plaza Quebec. He then became a bar manager, before rising to the rank of assistant manager. It is with the experience he acquired throughout his career in the establishment that he finally climbed the last rung and became, for the past 11 years, the restaurant manager.

His role and duties
The role of the restaurant manager is not only to ensure the smooth transition between the kitchen and the restaurant. He also has to take care of the internal management of human resources, employee schedules, group logistics and reservations. David is also responsible for customer satisfaction, updating the wine list and implementing weekly specials. In addition to juggling these many tasks, the manager must also take care of many other related tasks as they come up.

What he likes about Ginger

For David, his work happiness stems from the dynamic team he works with at Ginger and the sense of belonging the company offers him. He also appreciates the lifestyle that his job provides him with, as he believes it keeps him young!

Memorable moments

A few years ago, during the holiday season, a group of 50 people made a reservation at the restaurant. However, the reservation was unfortunately forgotten and there was no more availability. As resourceful as they were efficient, the Ginger team quickly set up banquet-style tables in the hotel lobby to accommodate the 50-person group. Within 15 minutes, guests were seated and ready to order. That is the magic of the restaurant business: being able to help each other out while being ready to overcome any challenge!

In other fun facts, David also witnessed several marriage proposals at the restaurant. He also had Ginette Reno as a client. It isn’t every day that the team gets the chance to host a star of her stature!

In its early days, Ginger celebrated its opening each year with a birthday party. The events were simply amazing, impressive and memorable. David’s fondest memory? The restaurant’s 4th anniversary party with a candy theme.

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