Since 1976

JARO Hotels has come a long way since 1976! The following is a small glimpse into the history of this family-owned business from Quebec, along with a few photos recovered from our archives. Are you able to recognize our establishments?


The story began in 1976, when Les Immeubles Jacques Robitaille inc. took its first steps in the hotel industry by acquiring the Motel Québec Inn, located on boulevard Hamel, in Sainte-Foy. The hotel has since undergone major renovations in an effort to modernize its rooms and bring them up to date with today’s standards.


In 1987, the company decided to leave the residential real estate field to focus on the hotel business by acquiring L’Hôtel Québec, then known as the Quality Inn, located on avenue des Hôtels, in the Sainte-Foy sector. L’Hôtel Québec underwent a complete makeover in 1991, with $6,000,000 in renovations.


In 1990, the company acquired Auberge Sainte-Foy, then known as the Ramada Inn, located near Hôtel Québec. Three years later, the inn underwent major renovations, refurbishing both the interior and exterior at a cost of $1,200,000.


In 1993, Mr. Robitaille acquired the Hôtel Plaza Universel, located in Sainte-Foy, which became the Hôtel Plaza Québec. This was a luxurious establishment with a modern architecture. Five years later, the interior of the Hôtel Plaza Québec was renovated. The façade was also revamped, giving it the appearance of a castle to match the Victorian-inspired interior design.


In the 2000s, Mr. Robitaille acquired the last hotels to become part of the JARO chain. In 2001, he purchased the Lindbergh Hotel and in 2002, he opened the Hotel Palace Royal. The seventh and final establishment, the Hotel Must, finally opened in 2008.

The company today
JARO Hotels continues to provide the best for its guests, which explains why we are still popular today. Our modernized facilities allow us to offer distinctive and superior quality services for an unforgettable experience. Despite the pandemic, we have managed to distinguish ourselves: by finding a clever way to keep our valued customers entertained with our popular Dinner & Show Packages that comply with all the necessary security measures regarding COVID-19.

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