Walking around Old Quebec from Hotel Palace Royal

QUEBEC-CANADA 16 sept 2016:   St-John gate in Quebec city, Canada is an UNESCO world heritage treasure.

In the heart of downtown, only few steps away from Old Quebec’s historic district and landmarks, stands Hotel Palace Royal. The hotel is set in a fantastic location that allows guests to explore the most sought-after area of town on foot.

Take a look at some of Old Quebec’s landmarks and attractions within walking distance of Hotel Palace Royal.

D’Youville Place & St. Jean Street

Place D’Youville can be found on St. Jean Street, at a 25-metre distance from Hotel Palace Royal. Ice rink during winter and terrace during summertime, place D’Youville is much appreciated by tourists whether to snap a picture, admire the magnificent porte St. Jean or simply chill under the sun. Continuing on St. Jean Street, gift shops and stylish boutiques await on the other side of the city walls. Pedestrian-only from June to September, the St. Jean Street is a must when strolling through Old Quebec’s historic district.

Du Trésor Street 

Located at the top of côte de la Fabriquedu Trésor Street never ceases to amaze the pedestrians that are passing by with its stone walls adorned with beautiful paintings. This open sky gallery full of art treasures lives up to its name; during summer months, caricaturists occupy this charming street for the greatest enjoyment of all.

Dufferin Terrace 

Overlooking the St. Lawrence River – not so far away from the fortifications – spreads out the impressive Dufferin Terrace. Providing a breathtaking view over the river and south shore of Quebec, the Dufferin Terrace holds the remnants of the St. Louis fort and castle which are buried below the terrace’s frame. During summertime, the terrace becomes the stage of many street artists, while it becomes a winter playground during the white season thanks to its century-old toboggan slide.


As you exit the city walls at the junction of St. Louis Street and Grande Allée, the Parliament of Quebec comes into view. The city parliament is a historical and political landmark with an exceptional architecture. Highly photogenic, the Parliament of Quebec is surrounded by commemorative statues and a magnificent garden very pleasant to walk along.

Grande Allée

Always crowded, Grande Allée is Quebec City’s most famous artery; bars, nightclubs, urban terraces and more line this lively street. Grande Allée is definitely a prime location for terrace chilling, festive evenings and nightlife.

Back to Square One 

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