What to Wear for your Winter Trip to Québec City

Québec City is a wonderful city to visit during winter: the city is slowly getting covered with snow and, with its European charm, it has a unique touch of magic! However, winter also means colder temperatures, so it’s important to wear proper gear to enjoy the Old Capital fully!


In Québec City, winter is about 5 months long (around mid-November to mid-April) and temperatures during this season are usually below 0 ⁰ C. Since the temperatures can vary significantly from one week to another, or even from one day to another, a visit into the city required a proper preparation. You must be ready for any eventuality!

Basic Elements

Some clothes and accessories are essential for every winter activity.

Obviously, a winter coat is a must. You need to choose it well if you want to enjoy the outdoors despite the whims of Mother Nature: it should keep you warm in case of snow, cold, wind or even rain. There are many materials possible (down, wool, synthetic fibres, etc.) and many different designs (with or without a cap, long or short, etc.). Don’t hesitate to ask a salesperson in a specialized boutique for help, he/she could advises you according to your needs and budget. A warm sweater made of synthetic fibre or wool can also be worn under the coat to increase the heat effect.

The boots should also be carefully chosen. They should be warm and waterproof so that you are comfortable and dry regardless of the weather.

Do not forget to buy some mittens or gloves, a tuque and some woollen stockings to put inside your boots, so that your extremities are kept warm. A scarf or a neck warmer is also essential for your convenience.


Optional Elements

Some accessories and clothes could be added to the basic elements for even more comfort and warmth in case of extremely cold weather or long hours spent outside.

Snow pants are a must to protect our clothes during “playing in the snow” activities. When it’s really cold outside, it’s also possible to wear, under your pants, some long johns, a base layer that removes excess moisture and keeps you warm.

A little trick: during prolonged periods of extremely cold temperatures, buy some hand warmers and toe warmers. You can put these little packs in your mittens or your boots. Comfort guaranteed!


Local Purchase

You are already in Québec City and you realize that you forgot to bring the appropriate clothes? Don’t panic, there are many outdoors shops in the Old Capital! If you are downtown, go to Latulippe store, a Québec company located on rue Saint-Vallier Ouest and specialized in outdoors clothes and workwear, and it’s also a reference in fishing and camping gear.

Sports Experts stores, a local business, are a good option too: there are many stores all around the city. La Vie Sportive, in Lebourgneuf District, also offers a wide variety of sport and outdoors clothes.

Now that you are dressed properly, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying winter in quaint Québec City!

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