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Save on Long Stays

From Sunday to Thursday, from January 7th 2018 until January 30, 2018, save up to 25% off accommodation on selected rooms in our participating hotels when you stay at least 2 nights. *

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Book Early and Save

Book your next stay on at least 14 days prior to your arrival date and get up to 50% off lodging.

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Hotel Palace Royal

So “Suite” Rates

Warm up in the comfortable suites of the Hotel Palace Royal. From Sunday to Thursday, book a suite with an exterior view to the same rate than our “Classic” type hotel rooms or take advantage of our low rates on suites offering a view on our indoor garden.

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CAA Members Discount

Are you a CAA Member? Get $5 off lodging when booking your stay online at As you proceed with the booking of your stay, you will be able to add breakfast to your reservation if needed.

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Sundays and Mondays that Make you Feel Younger

All guests of 60 years old and more get 20% off on Sunday and Monday nights.

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