Price Accuracy

When it comes to planning and booking a stay in beautiful Quebec City you must be careful with the rates that are being displayed on third-party booking sites; more often than not, these rates are incorrect.


When you book your stay at, the displayed night rates are in Canadian dollars.
In most cases, the night rates displayed on third-party booking sites are in American dollars in order to let you believe they’re offering the lowest prices. It is only at the time of finalizing the reservation that you are informed of the real price per night.

The night rates displayed at always include the accommodation for every guest listed in your search.
In most cases, the night rates displayed on third-party booking sites are in single occupancy even if you have specified in your search criteria that you will be accompanied by one person or more during your stay. Moreover, you only get to see the rooms’ real rate per night at the time of payment and sometimes even at the hotel on arrival day. Picture this: learning upon your arrival at the hotel that the booking site with which you’ve placed your reservation did not inform you of the real cost of your stay because it did not register the number of people you had listed on the reservation; that’s enough to ruin your holiday.

At you will never have to worry about price accuracy. The displayed rates always correspond to the price actually paid or payable unless you make some changes with your reservation during your stay.

At, you benefit from our Best Price Guarantee
You found a better rate for the same hotel, the same room and the same dates on another booking site? No problem: we’ll match the lowest rate and take an additional 10% off the price of your accommodation.

At JARO Hotels & Services, you‘re always assisted personally by our devoted staff
When problems and interrogations arise, third-party booking sites are controlling, limiting and sometimes even preventing direct communications between you and the hotel you have booked with, therefore extending the response delays and the problem solving process.

By booking your stay at, you have direct contact with the hotelier. After all, who better than the staff of the hotel where you’re staying to answer your every question?

By booking your stay at, you support a local business
JARO Hotels & Services is a Quebec-based family business with more than 700 employees in the city. By booking your stay at, you contribute to supporting the sustainability of a local business and the local economy.

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